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Life Extension Magazine

April 1999

Digestive Enzymes: The Missing Link

With age, the body’s capacity to make enzymes diminishes, causing organs to become overworked and, ultimately, bringing on digestive disorders. By guarding against the loss of enzymes, scientists believe that humans could live longer, healthier lives.


Lose the Fat, Keep the Muscle

The newly discovered benefits of conjugated linoleic acid suggest that CLA can promote metabolic function, reduce body fat and help fight against the diseases associated with aging.

Bridging the Gap

Dr. Karl Ullis M.D.'s novel approach to health is the way to well-being, at any age!



An Urgent Plea For Help: Why we need an Oversight Hearing on CODEX.

All About Supplements


A CLA deficiency may in part be responsible for an overweight America. Plus-Digestive Enzymes, the link to health.

In the News

MED NOTES - Ginkgo extends life span; the lurking Hepatitis C epidemic and more...



On the gift of life, the privilege of health.

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