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Life Extension Magazine

September 1999

Inside Europe's Pharmacies

For decades, Europeans have taken herbs and supplements to enhance their health. While interest in alternative therapies is growing, natural remedies are not as widespread in the United States.


L-Glutamine, the Essential "Non-essential" Amino Acid

Used as a source of energy by all rapidly diving cells, L-Glutamine plays several key roles in the body. It strengthens the immune, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems, combats hypoglycemia and helps maintain muscle mass.

Surgery Vitamins

A serious accident or a surgical procedure can thrust a person into a life-or-death struggle to fight off infection and heal. Fortunately, research findings show that healing can be accelerated with proper nutrition.


As We See It

As We See It

Should the Life Extension Foundation become a Consumer Protection Organization?

In the News

Garlic prevents plaque build-up, fish oil's effects on depression, upcoming events.

Healthy Products


A multi-purpose compound and the antler phenomenon.



Beating the clock and reaching the goal of youth and beauty.


Methylation Equals Life

A review of Methly Magic: Maximum Health Through Methylation by Craig Cooney, PhD with Bill Lawren.



Vitamin E succinate and breast cancer, SAMe, Vinpocetine and more...

Medical Updates

Medical Updates

Studies from around the world that can help you live longer.

Journal Abstracts