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Life Extension Magazine

February 2000

On the Frontiers of Science

The Life Extension Foundation was founded 20 years go to support research aimed at extending the healthy human life span. This funding continues to this day. Here, we highlight the progress of such research, and what it could mean for the generations to come.


Vitamin K

While not usually a headline-making nutrient, vitamin K has extraordinary anti-aging qualities and provides unique benefits few other vitamins rival.

Ready Set GO!

Whether you’re hitting the gym or the pavement, you’ve seen the difference exercise makes. The challenge is to get the best out of it while avoiding the hazards.


Now recognized as a multipurpose compound, aspirin may very well aid in disease prevention and treatment. According to the research, aspirin may not just be for headaches anymore.



Q & A

Acetaminophen drugs, the protein/bone relationship.



The dawning of a new era in disease prevention.


Alpha-lipoic acid inhibits free radicals better than vitamin E

Journal Abstracts