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Life Extension Magazine

November 2002

Weak Bones Cause Heart Attack and Stroke

Research shows that vitamin K is essential for numerous functions, and the evidence is now far too abundant to overlook. Here’s the information you need to avoid becoming another statistic.


Ginkgo Fails to Enhance Memory in Short-term Trial

A recent JAMA study calls into question ginkgo biloba’s effects on people with healthy cognitive function. Life Extension examines the scientific literature, the potential flaw in the study, and why those seeking to slow brain aging benefit from ginkgo’s use.

Whey for the Mind and Body: an Update

From body builders to average folk, people are beginning to catch on to whey’s multiple uses. This functional food is now getting the type of attention it deserves.

New Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

After a long search, Barry LeVann found a novel combination that halted the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, a disorder that had plagued him for years prior.


In The News

Aspirin fights cancer; watch out for low antioxidant levels.


Just Begun

With renewed health, Bob Handley looks forward to what's to come

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