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Life Extension Magazine

October 2004

An Exclusive Interview with Suzanne Somers

High-glycemic foods that cause insulin to spike have contributed to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Now, a new high-viscosity fiber blend called PGX® helps reduce after-meal insulin surges, lowers LDL and total cholesterol levels, and may help people lose weight.


Cosmetics That Enhance Skin Health

Commercial cosmetics mask and color a woman’s face, but offer nothing in the way of skin-rejuvenating nutrients. An innovative new line of skin care products provides topical anti-aging nutrients that both beautify and nourish a woman’s skin.

What You Don't Know About Estrogen

Women and doctors are confused about what estrogen is and how it functions in the body. This results in women often using the wrong form of estrogen and failing to take critical steps to reduce their risk of estrogen-induced cancer. New findings uncover how estrogen really behaves in the body and how women can benefit safely from natural estrogen replacement.

The Science Behind The Sexy Years

Dr. Edward R. Rosick, DO, MPH, MS, analyzes the research and tackles the controversy behind Suzanne Somers’ advocacy of natural hormone replacement. Read how both men and women can benefit from restoring youthful hormone levels.


As We See It

The failure to cure cancer is preventing older people from enjoying the full benefits of anti-aging treatments such as natural hormone replacement. Here we take a balanced, unbiased look at hormone replacement, as well as its pros and cons for cancer survivors.

In The News

Anti-inflammatories may prevent brain cancer; remembering Dr. Roy Walford; acetaminophen use harms kidneys; fatty acids reduce atrial fibrillation risk; green tea slows brain aging; ginger inhibits inflammation; vitamin K2 lowers liver cancer risk.

Profile: CW Randolph Jr., MD

CW Randolph Jr., MD, provides customized treatment regimens for women and men seeking natural hormone balancing for optimal health.

All About Supplements

Natural Estrogen

Science shows that plant-based natural estrogens can ease menopausal symptoms.

Case History

Eric R. Braverman, MD, discusses how natural hormone replacement therapy revitalized a 59-year-old woman who initially resisted this course of treatment.

Journal Abstracts