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Life Extension Magazine

March 2004

The DHEA Debate

Despite years of solid research supporting the benefits of DHEA supplementation, doctors still discourage its use as a replacement hormone. Scientist Stephen Cherniske rebuts the misguided criticisms that establishment medicine has leveled against DHEA.


Life Extension for the Brain

Early testing and diagnosis can help you avoid unnecessary memory decline. In this article, Dr. Eric Braverman provides his protocol for maintaining healthy cognitive function.

Modified Citrus Pectin

Research has shown that modified citrus pectin may be valuable in helping to reduce prostate and other cancer cell metastases. This natural substance also can lower cholesterol and remove toxic metals from the body.

Profile: Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa

Using integrative medicine, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa has specialized in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Khalsa’s anti-aging approach utilizes diet, supplementation, and stress reduction.


As We See It

The PBS news show Frontline aired a shocking exposé showing the FDA allowing dangerous prescription drugs to be sold to Americans. A stunning new report reveals the leading cause of death in the US is side effects inflicted by conventional medicine. Yet government bureaucracies seek to limit your access to safe and effective dietary supplements.

Death By Medicine

Something is wrong when regulatory agencies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, yet ignore published statistics showing that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard. A group of researchers meticulously reviewed the statistical evidence and their findings are absolutely shocking.

All About Supplements

Multipurpose vitamin K found in leafy green vegetables helps our blood clot, encourages bone growth, and protects arteries against calcification. Read about the various benefits of this remarkable vitamin.

Case History

Standard cholesterol testing is not always enough to accurately predict the risk of cardiac events. Cardiologist William Davis discusses the use of lipoprotein analysis and supplementation to avoid the dangers of heart disease.

In The News

Increasing fiber intake slows atherosclerosis; potassium supplementation reduces high blood pressure; B vitamins lower dangerous homocysteine levels; resveratrol may treat lung disease; lycopene inhibits growth of prostate cells.

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