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Life Extension Magazine

July 2004

Inflammation: The Fires Within

Life Extension has long warned about the lethal consequences of chronic inflammation. Now the mainstream news media are finally catching up. As this TIME® magazine article notes, new research on inflammation could radically change doctors’ concepts of what makes us sick.


Soy and Cancer Prevention

Medical researchers have launched numerous studies to determine whether soy can help people reduce their risk of cancer. Their findings show that consuming more soy can cut prostate and breast cancer risk by up to 50%.

Cortisol: Keeping A Dangerous Hormone in Check

Cortisol is essential in helping the body adapt to stress, but excessive levels can lead to problems such as cognitive decline and depression. Learn how to safely reduce the dangers of elevated cortisol.


In The News

Secondhand smoke raises heart disease risk; DHEA shown to boost brain cell growth; fruits and vegetables cut non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma risk; vitamin D deficiency more common than thought; magnesium intake tied to diabetes risk; lycopene helps women avoid heart disease.

All About Supplements

Vitamin B12 is vital in treating pernicious anemia, helps guard against stroke and heart disease, and even helps relieve asthma, bursitis, depression, and other health disorders.

Ask The Doctor

Edward Rosick, DO, MPH, MS, answers readers’ questions about supplements that help battle diabetes and olfactory loss.


Profile: Denham Harman

A pioneer in anti-aging research, Denham Harman, MD, PhD, has conducted groundbreaking research on subjects ranging from the free radical theory of aging to how dietary antioxidants increase life span.

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