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Life Extension Magazine

August 2004

Inside America’s Prisons

Health freedom activist Jay Kimball was sentenced to 13 years in prison for selling liquid deprenyl overseas in violation of FDA rules. His case underscores how our incarceration-obsessed government has turned “equal protection” into “brutal punishment” under the law.


The Health of Our Prisons

Prison abuse is not just something that happens overseas. As this special report shows, the US prison system is rife with violence, sexual abuse, rampant disease, and a failed medical system that routinely denies prisoners needed care.

Why We Need Fully Informed Juries

Trial by jury is under assault by overzealous government prosecutors and judges. Read about how to defend this precious right and protect yourself against tyrannical, intrusive government.

Innovative Research and Applications for CoQ10

Twenty-one years after Life Extension introduced CoQ10 to the US, researchers around the world are reporting previously unknown health-promoting and disease-fighting effects of this naturally produced compound.

Chromium: An Element Essential to Health

Once considered toxic, the metallic element chromium is in fact essential to human health. Chromium helps regulate glucose and lipid metabolism, and may be an important tool in the battle against diabetes and obesity.


As We See It

Obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and diabetes have long been recognized as major risk factors for heart disease. But startling new research suggests that low free testosterone, low HDL, and age may be the strongest independent risk factors for a heart attack.

In The News

Supplements boost cardioprotective nitric oxide; US faces “tidal wave” of ocular disease; glucosamine relieves osteoarthritis symptoms; meat consumption tied to risk of gout; green tea reduces esophageal cancer riskhomocysteine raises risk of osteoporosis; curcumin corrects cystic fibrosis defects; and more.

Case History

Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD, reports on a unique program utilizing supplementation and hormonal balancing for the successful cessation of migraine headaches in a long-time sufferer.

Q & A

Determining the purity and safety of your whey protein supplement.

All About Supplements

The amino acid derivative N-acetylcysteine protects against a broad array of environmental toxins, helps boost the body’s immune system, and confers other health-promoting benefits.

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