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American Medical Association Discovers Gamma Tocopherol

January 2005

By William Faloon

How Much Is Your Life Worth?

If you wanted to learn about the lifesaving benefits of gamma tocopherol back in 1998, you needed to be a member of the Life Extension Foundation. No one else offered the benefits of gamma tocopherol back then.

Dedicated supplement users have been consuming lots of alpha tocopherol and thinking they were protecting themselves against destructive free radicals. The Life Extension Foundation, on the other hand, long ago warned that those who take regular vitamin E supplements should also take gamma tocopherol, since alpha tocopherol can displace gamma tocopherol in the body.8 The most prestigious scientific journals in the world now agree with what Life Extension advocated more than six years ago.

Each month, members read about new ways of staving off aging and death in Life Extension magazine.

It costs $75 a year to be a member of the Life Extension Foundation. Some people think that is a lot of money, but if the only benefit of membership were finding out about the critical importance of gamma tocopherol, this alone would have been well worth the membership fee.

The good news for price-conscious consumers is that gamma tocopherol with sesame lignans costs a lot less than gamma tocopherol-tocotrienols and has been shown to better fend off toxic oxidative and inflammatory reactions in the body.

Why to Stock Up on Nutrients Now

As long-time members know, now is the time to obtain extra-special discounts on all of the advanced formulations offered by the Life Extension Buyers Club. Every time you purchase a supplement that might add years of healthy life, you help support the world’s most ambitious scientific research program to abolish the scourge of age-related disease.

I want to personally thank our 100,000+ members who have so generously supported our scientific efforts. The Life Extension Foundation funded a record-breaking amount of research in 2004, and has been awarded a $900,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to further our pioneering scientific endeavors.

For longer life,

William Faloon


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