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Beta-Sitosterol and the Aging Prostate Gland

Prostate disorders wreak havoc on the majority of aging men. Scientists have identified nutrients and drugs that alleviate symptoms of benign enlargement and reduce prostate cancer risk.

Blueberries — The World’s Healthiest Food

Over the past year, a record number of independent studies have confirmed the health effects of blueberries. Scientists tested blueberries against an array of common disorders and discovered significant results.

with Standardized Blueberry Extrac

Public service campaigns are encouraging people to eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite years of media publicity, 85% of Americans are not even eating the minimum recommendation of five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Those who do report eating some produce often fail to consume the yellow and purple colored plants that are critical components of such a program.

The Disease Preventive Power of Fish and Olives

Epidemiological evidence has long suggested that the Mediterranean diet offers life-extending benefits. Recent studies associate this diet with sharply lower cardiovascular risk, reduced cancer risk, and increased life span.

Does PSA Promote Prostate Cancer?

The acronym PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen, the most abundant protein synthesized in the prostate gland. Men have their blood tested for PSA in order to detect prostate cancer at an early stage when it is often curable. The PSA test can also help assess the efficacy of various prostate cancer treatments.


Letter from William Faloon

As 2005 nears its end, we take comfort in knowing that more technology exists to keep us living longer than at any time in history. Life Extension has been at the forefront of these advances. Just this year, we introduced unprecedented numbers of scientific discoveries.