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Life Extension Magazine

October 2006

When Homocysteine Levels Won't Come Down

For most people, supplementing with folic acid, vitamins B12 and B6, and trimethylglycine (TMG) will reduce homocysteine to optimal levels. But what if your homocysteine remains persistently high despite high-dose supplementation with these nutrients? Find out novel approaches aging adults can use to bring stubbornly high homocysteine levels under control.


New Findings On Vitamin C

Vitamin C does a lot more than boost immunity and help battle infections. New studies show that high-dose vitamin C improves endothelial function, reduces heart attack risk, enhances cancer survival, and promotes greater longevity.

Prevent Hormone-Induced Cancers

Cruciferous vegetables contain high concentrations of compounds that modulate estrogens in the body to make them less likely to induce cancer. The nutrients contained in cruciferous vegetables also help prevent the onset and may impede the spread of certain cancers.

Deadly Risks Of Blood Transfusions

Although the FDA pretends the nation’s blood supply is safe, hepatitis and other infectious diseases pose an alarming threat to millions of Americans who receive blood transfusions. Learn how you can safely store your own blood to guard against these risks.

Homocysteine And Disease Risk

Homocysteine dramatically increases one’s risk of degenerative disease. Read how most people can naturally control their homocysteine. Those with persistently high homocysteine levels despite the use of natural approaches should refer to the Cover article.

Multiple Dangers Caused By Homocysteine

A summary of 16 years of landmark research shows that excess homocysteine is linked to a surprisingly wide variety of aging-related disorders, including cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, and, of course, vascular diseases.


In The News

Lignans may protect against breast cancer; cinnamon promotes healthy blood pressure; Tylenol® damages liver even at recommended doses; two cardiovascular risk factors predict mortality; Mediterranean diet better for heart than low fat; omega-3 fatty acids may lower eye disease risk; prevalence of diabetes skyrockets in US; older adults with low testosterone prone to anemia; grape seed extract promotes bone formation; Gary Null and Life Extension win best film award; and more.


Wellness Profile

Beneficial changes in his own diet and lifestyle have inspired New York State Senator David A. Paterson to campaign for a new "culture of health" in America.

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