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Natural Relief 1222

An All-Natural Analgesic Cream Provides Effective Topical Pain Relief

August 2006

By Greg Freeman

A Personal Quest for Pain Relief

Dr. Troy had long struggled with his own severe arthritis pain. As the head research pharmacologist for a major international pharmaceutical company, he was well acquainted with investigations of new and innovative drugs—and all too aware of the limited options available to arthritis sufferers. Like most people with arthritis, he had tried counter-irritant creams and capsaicin-based products, as well as NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen. Eventually, he resorted to more powerful steroidal drugs such as prednisone. Yet none of these products provided truly effective relief for his arthritis, and some had harmful side effects as well.

Dr. Troy thus decided to focus his career on developing an analgesic that could offer significant pain relief without dangerous side effects. He knew that doctors and other medical practitioners had long used certain topical preparations to provide therapeutic relief for the pain and discomfort of arthritis. He theorized that through trial and error, these compounds could eventually be isolated and combined in a compatible, balanced, all-natural formula.

Identifying the ideal combination of ingredients proved maddeningly elusive. Some nutrients lacked sufficient effectiveness, while others irritated the skin or had unacceptable odors. Motivated by his own arthritis, Dr. Troy persevered and continued to explore ever more esoteric nutrient blends. He eventually achieved success with a proprietary formula that combines more than 18 different natural compounds. Dr. Troy’s extraordinary quest lasted 14 years and an astounding 1,221 failed attempts to find the ideal blend. When he finally found the formulation that worked, he therefore named it Natural Relief 1222.

Natural Relief 1222 is a patented, all-natural analgesic cream that contains no traditional counter-irritants or capsaicin. Its proprietary combination of botanical and organic ingredients provides effective relief without the icy-hot sensations and overpowering odors associated with over-the-counter analgesics. Natural Relief 1222 does not cause the gastrointestinal side effects associated with the use of aspirin and other NSAIDs. Its patented blend of nutrients is the only pharmaceutically prepared analgesic compound that has been found in human studies to provide rapid, safe, effective pain relief in various body tissues—without side effects.

Among the ingredients contained in Natural Relief 1222’s patented, proprietary formula are shark liver oil, deodorized garlic oil, vitamin E, and other complementary nutritional and botanical extracts. According to Dr. Troy, the ingredients in Natural Relief 1222 may work through several mechanisms of action. The first is by neutralizing free radicals, the unstable molecules that can damage everything from blood vessel walls to the cartilage tissue surrounding joints.3 Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, and Natural Relief 1222 contains vitamin E, a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant,4 as well as shark oil-derived omega-3 fatty acids,5 which are known to confer potent anti-inflammatory benefits.6

Natural Relief 1222 also contains two botanically based extracts, Bryonia alba 6x and Rhus toxicodendron 6x. Bryonia alba 6x traditionally is used to treat aching muscles, stitching pains, pressure and sinus headaches, and painful stiffness in the nape of the neck and lower back.7 It is also indicated for joint pain, joints that are red, swollen, or stiff, and knee pain.7 Rhus toxicodendron 6x is used to manage pain in the joints and tendons, muscle sprains and strains, tenderness of the knee joints, lower back pain, stiffness of the neck, arms, and legs, and pain in the jaw.8

Three Clinical Trials Confirm Effectiveness

Three separate clinical trials have documented the effectiveness of Natural Relief 1222.

The San Diego-based California Research Foundation, a private organization that has investigated drugs and supplements for more than 60 pharmaceutical companies, conducted a two-week study of 48 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and/or osteoarthritis. The volunteers were divided into two groups of equal age, duration of arthritis, and baseline condition. Half of the subjects were given Natural Relief 1222 and the other half received a placebo cream. After the patients were screened and their symptoms noted, the creams were applied and the patients remained in the clinic for 30 minutes to rate their pain relief. They were then instructed to apply the cream to their arthritic areas four times a day—upon awakening and at lunch, dinner, and bedtime—for two weeks.

At a second visit seven days later, the study investigators and test subjects assessed the changes, if any, in arthritic symptoms. This procedure was repeated at the end of the study period. Statistical comparisons of the two groups show that those using Natural Relief 1222 had a significantly higher improvement score, beginning 30 minutes after the first treatment. Of the 24 patients who used Natural Relief 1222, 13 (54.2%) reported improvement in their limitation of motion, compared to just 3 of 24 (12.5%) in the placebo group. The researchers also noted an absence of systemic side effects during the study.9

In a second study led by Dr. Paul A. Repicky, 72 subjects rated Natural Relief 1222’s effectiveness in relieving arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle stiffness.10 The subjects were selected from a group of patients who were using another product for symptom relief at the study’s onset. They were asked to rate the effectiveness of the analgesic or anti-inflammatory medication they had been using, on a scale of 1 (least effective) to 4 (most effective). They were then asked to stop the use of their medications before beginning application of Natural Relief 1222 to the affected area once daily for three days. After three days, they were asked to rate the effectiveness of Natural Relief 1222 using the same scale as before.

The results confirmed the superiority of Natural Relief 1222. More than 80% of the participants ranked this cream as more effective than the medication they had been using before. Eighty-three percent said it was the most effective treatment for their pain, while 82% found it most effective for increasing their range of motion. In addition, 85% of patients with arthritis ranked it as best for pain, while 80% of the subjects with soft tissue injuries gave it top marks for pain relief. The speed of action was impressive as well, with many patients reporting an alleviation of symptoms after the initial application. None of the subjects reported any side effects or adverse reactions while using Natural Relief 1222.10

The Life Extension Foundation conducted its own study to validate the results of the previous trials. Sixteen study participants were asked to evaluate products they had previously used for symptom relief, and then to note any improvements experienced with Natural Relief 1222. Many reported that Natural Relief 1222 was the first product they had tried that offered substantial relief from symptoms. The participants also rated Natural Relief 1222 easier and more pleasant to use than other creams or gels they had used previously. In all, 87.5% found Natural Relief 1222 superior to what they used previously, and 93.8% said that they would recommend the product to friends and family.


The experience of professional athletes, anecdotal evidence from physicians and other health care professionals, and documented evidence from clinical trials all suggest that Natural Relief 1222 provides safe, effective, fast-acting pain relief.

This remarkable, all-natural topical formulation has been shown to offer more effective relief than many currently available pain relievers, without the adverse side effects associated with many of those medications. Natural Relief 1222 may thus help people suffering from athletic overexertion, acute injuries, or chronic conditions such as arthritis to continue to lead active, productive, pain-free lives.


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