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SuperSale 2007

New Enhanced Absorption Ubiquinol CoQ10

Just one year ago, Life Extension introduced a new form of coenzyme Q10 called “ubiquinol.” Not satisfied to produce the world’s best CoQ10, the Japanese have patented a method to enable even more ubiquinol to be absorbed than before. This new enhanced-delivery ubiquinol formula provides more absorbed CoQ10 for less money than the original ubiquinol formula and is available only from Life Extension.


A Novel Method to Protect Your Aging Arteries

Circulatory problems were once considered an inevitable consequence of again. A new plant extract, however, has been shown to improve arterial blood flow in human clinical studies. The significance of this discovery is of such magnitude that this plant extract has been added to the most popular formulas used by Life Extension members.

The Purest EPA-DHA Fish Oil in the World

For many years, Life Extension customers were provided with omega-3 fish oil of extraordinary stability and purity. Not content with these lofty standards, a new fish oil has just come to market that provides consumers with an even better omega-3 blend at no additional charge! Combined with a new olive fruit polyphenol, this highly purified fish oil provides synergistic health benefits that cannot be obtained in any other omega-3 supplement.

Improved Life Extension Mix Formula

The Life Extension Mix formula is upgraded on an annual basis to provide members with the most advanced health-promoting nutrients. The new Life Extension Mix provides a novel plant extract designed to help support youthful arterial function.