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Life Extension Magazine

February 2008

Larry King Saves Lives

When Larry King experienced his first heart attack, he vowed to help others who could not afford life-saving medical care. He created the Larry King Cardiac Foundation with the motto of “Save a Heart a Day.”  Read what Larry King does to prevent further heart attacks for himself and others.


Extreme Life Extension

New members sometimes complain that the Life Extension Foundation appears to be seeking indefinitely extended human life spans utilizing any available technology. Their problem with this, they say, is that they personally are only interested in living out their natural life spans in good health.

How much Resveratrol do you need?

New findings show that resveratrol may help protect against virtually every age-related disease as well as slowing aging. A meticulous review of the scientific literature, plus Life Extension’s own research, provides comprehensive guidelines to optimal resveratrol dosage ranges.

COQ10 and Cancer

Originally thought to benefit primarily the heart and brain, scientists have uncovered exciting data indicating that CoQ10 may be of enormous value as an adjuvant cancer therapy. New human studies indicate that CoQ10 may thwart both the development and growth of common cancers.

COQ10 fails advanced heart patients

New research reveals that in those with advanced heart disease, conventional CoQ10 is not always adequately absorbed. Find out how pioneering scientist Peter Langsjoen, MD, overcame this problem, reversing symptoms and significantly improving clinical measurements in severe heart failure patients.

Disease-fighting power of polyphenols

Western diets are severely deficient in plant polyphenols that have been shown to confer protection against cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic inflammation, obesity, and cognitive decline. Learn how easy it is to ensure you consume enough of these beneficial polyphenols every day.

Blueberries reverse brain aging

Preserving youthful cognition is the goal of every aging adult. A wealth of new studies confirm how blueberries help preserve neurological structure and function and may even reverse certain aspects of brain aging, offering hope for fighting many diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


As We See It

As We See It

For years, doctors and their patients ignored studies indicating that higher CoQ10 doses were required to attain therapeutically useful CoQ10 blood levels. A new study of congestive heart failure victims provides cardiologists with a firm basis to ensure their
patients are ingesting enough milligrams and the right form of CoQ10 to provide meaningful benefits.

In The News

Vitamin D increases longevity; CoQ10/statin beneficial in heart disease; green tea helpful in advanced prostate cancer; CRP associated with eye disease; hyperthyroidism doubles heart failure risk; omega-3s reduce pet aggression; quercetin lowers blood pressure; and more.

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