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Life Extension Magazine

September 2011

Launch Interactive Issue

Why Aren’t More Wealthy People Funding Aging Research?

Aubrey de Grey describes how regenerative medicine may rejuvenate the human body and postpone aging indefinitely. Aubrey summarizes where this science stands and explains why more wealthy people are not funding research aimed at reversing aging processes. Examples of billionaires like Oracle® software founder Larry Ellison and Dole Food Company chairman David Murdock are provided to show that some ultra-wealthy people are serious about supporting meaningful anti-aging research.


Programming Genes to Extend Life Span

The phenomenon known as gene expression, or how genes turn “on” and “off” over the course of your lifetime, lies at the core of the aging process. Restoring youthful gene expression is vital to extending healthy life span. Avant-garde scientists talk about the latest strategies for reprogramming genes and boosting longevity.

Reducing the Risks of High Cortisol

Your body releases the hormone cortisol in response to stress. Excess cortisol from chronic stress is linked to everything from diabetes to bone loss, weight gain, and sleepless nights. A low-cost supplement called rhodiola combats cortisol’s lethal effects.

Protect Your Body Against Today’s Toxic Deluge

The EPA estimates that average Americans may be carrying as many as 700 industrial chemicals in their bodies. Your liver serves as the frontline defense against these toxic agents. The liver-protective silymarin complex contained in extracts of milk thistle may halt and even reverse externally induced liver damage.


As We See It

As We See It: Smallpox and Aging

Smallpox killed 300 million people in the 20th century alone before it was eradicated. Just as smallpox dramatically altered the course of human history, so will aging devastate the modern world unless we find a way to cure it. Enlightened individuals today can take steps to protect against degenerative disease and participate in scientific research that aims to control pathological aging processes.

Book Review

Book Review: The Future of Aging

More than just a guidebook, The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension details the quantum leap forward in anti-aging research witnessed over the past decade. This visionary blueprint for increasing our life span draws from the best minds in the field, representing Life Extension and other scientific and medical research organizations.

In The News

Sleep duration linked to cognitive function; olive oil lowers stroke risk; green tea combats autoimmune disorders; and more.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile: Mark Wexler

Documentary filmmaker Mark Wexler’s latest film, How to Live Forever, takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the world of anti-aging. Featured alongside such luminaries as Aubrey de Grey and Raymond Bradbury are ordinary people leading full, active lives into their 90s and beyond.

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