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January 2012

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Discovering Coffee's Unique Health Benefits

People sometimes believe they should limit their coffee intake, yet studies show that consuming enough coffee can help prevent age-related killers such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Here we describe the mechanisms of action behind coffee’s extraordinary effects and why most coffee drinkers are notobtaining its multiple benefits.


Nutrients to Combat the Modern Stress Epidemic

Chronic stress has reached epidemic levels, affecting 80% of Americans. Its profoundly detrimental impact on human health increases risk of death from all causes by 170%. New confirmatory data show that nutritional interventions can favorably target the physiological factors that cause stress-related problems.

Halt Sugar-Induced Cell Aging

Blood glucose levels above 85 mg/dL accelerate a deadly process known as glycation—the binding of sugars to the body’s life-sustaining proteins. Glycation reactions “cook” living tissue and hasten cell death. A fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 called benfotiamine acts via multiple pathways to block the glycation process and protect eyesight, heart health, kidney function, and more.

Novel Method to Effectively Combat Oxidative Liver Damage

Up to 100% of overweight and obese individuals suffer the silent affliction of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, in which oxidized liver tissue turns rancid. A synergistic combination of the adaptogen Schisandra chinensis and a patented extract of the melon Cucumis melo has been shown to offer unique protection against the mitochondrial oxidant damage that triggers NAFLD.

Using Hormones to Heal Traumatic Brain Injuries

Nearly 2 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries annually. Conventional medical interventions largely fail to treat the often devastating cognitive, physical, and mental deficits that result. Pioneering specialist Dr. Mark L. Gordon explains how his work with wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan led to a novel, highly effective approach that may heal traumatic brain injury using individually tailored hormone therapy.


As We See It

Reversing Brain Decay

Maturing individuals’ risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases exponentially, with prevalence reaching a staggering 25-30% between ages 80-85. Explosive findings presented at a 2011 Alzheimer’s Conference in Paris reveal that Alzheimer’sassociated changes in brain tissue occur far earlier than previously thought. Life Extension® members already reduce senility risk with nutrients they take. Now a new highly absorbable form of magnesium has been shown to blunt brain degeneration by protecting the integrity of brain synapses and increasing synaptic density.

In The News

Dual plant extract promotes weight loss; omega-3s prevent arthritis; CoQ10 combats chronic tinnitus; and more.

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