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December 2012

Launch Interactive Issue

Former FDA Commissioner Admits Risk of Bureaucratic Delay

Medical innovation has been suffocated by the FDA’s flawed drug approval process. An increasing number of scholarly individuals recognize that delaying lifesaving therapies can no longer be tolerated, including former FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach.


Age-Related Metabolic Decline and Weight Gain

Weight gain occurs as we age partly because of a decline in resting metabolic rate. In placebo-controlled studies, scientists have verified that 7-Keto DHEA restores resting metabolic rate and safely induces fat loss.

Slash Chronic Disease Risk with Lycopene

Lycopene is a plant extract that slashes disease risk and improves cellular communication. While found in tomatoes and certain other vegetables, it is poorly absorbed from raw food sources. Health conscious people increasingly understand that cooked tomato products or supplements are the only way to ensure protective lycopene blood levels.

Reversing Male Infertility

Worldwide male infertility is increasing at an alarming rate. A 2012 study shows that only 1 in 4 men have optimal semen. Researchers have identified nutrients that safely improve sperm count, quality, and motility—improving the odds of pregnancy without drugs, expensive IVF treatments, or invasive procedures.

The PSA Controversy-Part I

A federal government-funded panel is advising aging men to avoid PSA screening. The results will be catastrophic as tens of thousands needlessly perish from prostate cancer. Here, Dr. Stephen B. Strum discusses the critical role PSA testing plays in prostate cancer prevention and treatment.

The PSA Controversy-Part II

This real-world case history shows how PSA screening can be used as a tool to diagnose and treat prostate cancer without resorting to the inappropriate use of side effect-laden therapies.


In The News

High-normal glucose levels shrink key brain areas in just 4 years; healthy lifestyle behaviors add 5.4 years to life span; children admitted to the hospital have a higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency; resveratrol could help maintain senior mobility; and more.


Super Foods

A favorite food for thousands of years, yogurt contains beneficial bacterial cultures that can deliver potent health dividends. Studies demonstrate that yogurt improves the body’s defenses against gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and gum disease.odal combination of hormones, nutrients, and vitamins effectively targets elevated cholesterol without medication.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Life Extension® member Elena Pezzo relates how, when doctors gave up on her brother after his massive stroke, she employed a supplement regimen to save his life and jump-start his recovery.

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