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March 2012

By Gary Goldfaden, MD

Your Guide to Healthy Skin the Natural Way

By Gary Goldfaden, MD

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Healthy Skin Today

Your Guide to Healthy Skin the Natural Way

While commercial remedies for healthy skin are often falsely touted as “miracle creams” or “Fountains of Youth in a bottle,” Dr. Gary Goldfaden’s new book takes a practical, natural, whole-health approach to skin care that is both refreshing and easily understandable. Rather than offering harsh solutions like Botox® injections, laser resurfacing, and chemical skin peels as the answer to skin problems, Dr. Goldfaden advises readers to focus on a variety of natural remedies that promote long-term skin health and total body wellness.

A Natural Solution

“I firmly believe the right food, nutrients, and supplements, along with avoiding things like smoking and prolonged sun exposure, can make you healthier on the inside and more attractive on the outside,” Dr. Goldfaden says, citing his over 40 years of personal experience and research on the topic.

Many Life Extension® readers may be familiar with common antioxidants used to promote healthy skin, like vitamins C and E, but few may know about some of the other natural actives that Dr. Goldfaden recommends be included in a healthy skin care regimen. Ingredients like red, green, white, and black tea, as well as pomegranate extract, bearberry, mushrooms, and even grapes can have astounding effects on the skin. This book includes thorough research on why these fruits, herbs, and other compounds should be used in your skin care arsenal today.

Answers for All Skin Types

Whether you suffer from oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin, Your Guide to Healthy Skin the Natural Way walks you through practical tips that you can use to counter your skin ailment. With layman’s definitions of common moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, cyclomethicone, and squalene, this book will not only explain what many of the ingredients on the label of your moisturizer are, but also how they work and whether or not they’re right for your skin type. What may be most valuable, however, is Dr. Goldfaden’s introduction to skin-enhancing treatments that you may not have heard about yet, like ceramides. Ceramides are an exciting skin care ingredient that are “eminently suitable for the protection and repair of dry, sensitive skin.”

From Vitamin A to Zinc

Your Guide to Healthy Skin the Natural Way begins with the basics of Understanding Your Skin, the title of chapter one. It gradually moves readers through the steps of an effective skin care regimen, from exfoliation to cleansers, to actives, moisturizers, and sunscreens. The sunscreen chapter is particularly effective, given that it starts out by debunking a few myths, many of which have been perpetuated for far too long by the uninformed mainstream media. A small section titled Confusing Facts About SPF should be a must-read for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and wants to protect their largest organ, their skin.

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