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April 2012

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Lethal Shortages

Market manipulation and suffocating regulations are creating artificial shortages of life-saving drugs. The result? Patients are dying and consumers are being priced-gouged. This unscrupulous system created by the federal government has become a medical catastrophe.


The Overlooked Role of Probiotics in Human Health

New science substantiates the use of probiotic organisms in the battle against disease. Probiotic bifidobacteria can alleviate bowel discomforts and a specific strain has been shown to boost immune activity and reduce inflammatory conditions.

The CR Way to Great Glucose Control

High glucose levels are a significant risk factor for many major diseases and a shortened life span. Fortunately, the CR Way™ program enables people to enjoy low-calorie meals and suppress after-meal (postprandial) surges in blood glucose.

Apple Polyphenols and Longevity

Scientists at three different labs have found that the use of apple polyphenols increased the life span of various species by 10 to 12%. Apple polyphenols favorably modulate signaling molecules to delay the onset of age-related disorders.

Trimetazidine: The Heart Drug You've Never Heard Of

Despite over 40 years of published studies, a little-known heart drug languishes in regulatory limbo in this country. Trimetazidine is available in more than 80 nations around the world. Unlike any other heart drug, trimetazidine modulates mitochondrial metabolism to revive compromised heart tissue.

Protect Yourself During a Nuclear Emergency

Japan’s recent nuclear disaster released radioactive isotopes that poisoned the country’s soil, food, and water. With 104 operating reactors in the US, the next deadly release of nuclear material might occur closer to home. Many of the deaths and illnesses from this nightmare scenario result from exposure to iodine-131 radiation and the thyroid cancers it causes. Fortunately, some protection is available with inexpensive potassium iodide tablets.

Activate Self-Renewing Skin Stem Cells

The rate of skin cell renewal declines dramatically after age 50. Researchers have found that plant-based stem cells from the Alpine rose may activate epidermal stem cell activity, eliminating dryness, sagging, and wrinkles due to environmental factors.


In The News

Vitamin B12 and folic acid improve memory in two-year trial; fish oil may hold key to leukemia cure; vitamin D rejuvenates aging eyes in laboratory study; and more.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

Nobel Prize winning physicist Frank Wilczek discusses his personal theories about how supplements, lifestyle, and a healthy diet can extend life.

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