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May 2012

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Reversing Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction afflicts more than 43% of all women. While men have pharmaceutical opportunities to restore sexual function, women have largely been left out. Scientists have discovered specific botanical-based extracts that modulate the mechanisms behind female sexual dysfunction and menopausal symptoms.


Strategies to Protect and Preserve Your Hearing

Studies prove that daily noise from our environment can cause problems ranging from high blood pressure and elevated heart rate to tinnitus and hearing loss. Experts estimate that 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerous levels of noise each day. Fortunately, with proper ear protection, noise-induced problems can be prevented.

Nutrient “Cocktail” Delays Aging and Extends Life Span

In the quest to halt aging, an international team of researchers has formulated a 30-nutrient “cocktail” that acts along multiple pathways to inhibit five aging mechanisms. All of the nutrients used in the study are currently taken by health conscious humans, which is comforting considering the researchers documented increases in longevity and marked protection against pathological aging processes.

Blood Testing That Can Save Your Life

According to researcher and cardiologist, Michael Ozner, MD, comprehensive blood testing is one of the most effective tools for preventing atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. In this excerpt from his new book, Heart Attack Proof, Dr. Ozner explains which blood tests provide key preventive information and how to interpret these tests in order to avoid the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Reducing Dangerous Varicose Veins with Phlebotonics

Unsightly varicose veins are indicative of venous insufficiency, a serious circulatory problem where blood pools in the lower extremities. For years, diosmin, a natural extract of citrus rinds, has been used as a prescription drug in Europe. It is now available in the US as a dietary supplement for the relief of chronic venous insufficiency and the related restless leg syndrome.


As We See It

New Study Warns Against Excessive Vitamin D Intake

New research has corroborated the blood-level range of 25-hydroxyvitamin D that was long ago established as protective against degenerative diseases. But the same scientists also found that excessive vitamin D levels may increase the risk of atrial fibrillation. Blood testing is strongly advised to achieve optimal levels of this important vitamin.

In The News

Omega-3, vitamin A slow the progression of devastating eye disease; shortened telomeres associated with greater risk of cardiovascular disease and early mortality; and more.

Book Review

Book Review

Heart Attack Proof: A Six-Week Cardiac Makeover for a Lifetime of Optimal Health, by Michael Ozner, MD, is a clinically proven program to lower and potentially eliminate your risk of life-threatening cardiovascular disease. Find out new blood tests to reduce heart attack risk.


Superfoods: Basil

Rich in vitamin K, calcium, and anti- oxidants, the herb basil has been shown to protect DNA, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity.

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