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Winter Edition 2012-2013

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Epidemic of Immunosenescence

Reishi mushrooms attack and reverse immunosenescence through the combined effects of three compounds: first, a group of long-chain carbohydrates called polysaccharides, second, a unique protein named LZ-8 and third, a small group of steroid-like molecules called triterpenes. Together, these three Reishi components achieve the dual goals of promoting healthy immune responses against viral, bacterial, or fungal infections, while suppressing excessive or chronic inflammation that threatens long-term health.


Reversing Immune Senescence

As we age, there is a marked decline in immune factors needed to protect against malignancy and infection. This immune deficit can be seen in the reactivation of the virus that causes painful shingles outbreaks in people over 45 years old. A more insidious impact of this immune deficiency is higher rates of cancer, pneumonia, and influenza. In the elderly, even vaccinations can fail because of lack of ability to generate a youthful antibody response.

Vitamin D Blood Levels In Life Extension® Members 3-Years Later…

Human studies show that higher levels of vitamin D protect against cancer and other age-related ailments. This has made vitamin D an enormously popular supplement. A "gold standard" double-blind, controlled study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women given supplemental vitamin D and calcium had a greater than 50% reduction in cancer risk over the 4-year trial compared to placebo.

Selenium: What Forms Protect Against Cancer?

The role that selenium plays in combating various forms of degenerative disease has been known for several decades. More recent data have intensified scientific interest in its specific anti-cancer mechanisms. Researchers have found that selenium favorably modulates gene expression to suppress a protein involved in tumor onset, growth, and metastasis. But not all "seleniums" are the same.