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September 2016

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Is Your Olive Oil Counterfeit?

Olive oil is a critical part of the Mediterranean diet. Higher consumption of extra virgin olive oil has been shown to reduce risk of all-cause mortality by 23%, cardiovascular events by 28%, and stroke incidence 40%. Startling findings reveal many brands are diluted with cheap omega-6 fats. These fats not only create health problems, but deprive consumers of beneficial polyphenols from pure extra virgin olive oil.


Age-Defying Effects of Rhodiola

As humans age past puberty, their thymus gland gradually shrinks to the point that activated T-cells are no longer produced in sufficient quantities. As the thymus shrivels, we also lose the ability to filter out damaging pro-inflammatory cells. Life Extension® is helping to fund research aimed at regenerating aged thymus glands. In the meantime, an ultra-low-cost nutrient called rhodiola is demonstrating thymic-protecting properties in laboratory models.

How Curcumin Targets Cancer

Studied for 30 years by the National Cancer Institute, curcumin has been shown to favorably impact the major targets involved in cancer development. Alone or in combination with other therapies, curcumin is impressing a growing number of researchers investigating improved ways to prevent and treat malignant diseases.

Vitamin D Offers Hope for Multiple Sclerosis

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that low vitamin D levels are associated with the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Other studies show that optimal vitamin D levels can help slow MS activity and delay disease progression


As We See It

Wrong Vegetable Oil Increases Heart Attack Risk

A debate raged in the 1960s as to which dietary factors were responsible for the epidemic of coronary artery blockage. One side advocated that vegetable fats like corn oil were “heart healthy.” Conventional medicine’s five-decade practice of recommending these vegetable fats was an apparent mistake.

In The News

Increased mortality risk with inflammatory diet; omega-3 boosts memory; metformin lowers cancer mortality; coffee inhibits multiple sclerosis; lower cancer risk with sufficient vitamin D levels; testosterone therapy reduces hospital readmissions; magnesium suppresses artery calcification; aspirin increases cancer survival; and more.

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Beauty from Within

As a plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Rogers approaches beauty both from without and within by prescribing safe and effective vitamin, mineral, and free radical-scavenging supplements.

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