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Collector's Edition 2016 - 2017

Will Magnesium Become The Next Vitamin D?

Pancreatic cancer kills 40,000 Americans each year. In a landmark study, increased magnesium intake was associated with a significant reduction in pancreatic cancer incidence. Magnesium is rapidly becoming “the new vitamin D.” We say this because magnesium protects against a host of degenerative diseases, costs very little, and is increasingly recognized as a nutrient that all aging individuals should include in their supplement program.


Boost "Feel Good" Dopamine Levels

Dopamine is a “feel-good” neurotrans­mitter involved in preserving cognitive function, positive emotions, and longevity. Once we pass 45 years, dopamine levels begin a steady decline that manifests as impaired neurological function and loss of enthusiasm. The main cause of dopamine decline is an enzyme called MAO-B. Scientists have discovered a wild green oat extract that inhibits MAO-B, resulting in improvements in measurements of cognitive ability and cerebral circulation.

Enhance CoQ10 Performance

When coenzyme Q10 is combined with shilajit there is an even greater improvement in mitochondrial function and conversion of food into energy. Shilajit plus CoQ10 synergistically boosts cellular energy, which is vital to safeguarding one’s health.

Curcumin Targets Cancer

Studied for 30 years by the National Cancer Institute, curcumin has been shown to favorably impact the major targets involved in cancer development. Alone or in combination with other therapies, curcumin is impressing a growing number of researchers investigating improved ways to prevent and treat malignant diseases.

Novel Method to Improve Vision

Recent clinical studies show patients supplementing with a flower-derived spice experienced significant vision improvement as measured by seeing an average of two additional lines on the eye chart used by ophthalmologists to test vision.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a critical part of the Mediterranean diet. Higher consumption of extra virgin olive oil has been shown to reduce risk of all-cause mortality by 23%, cardiovascular events by 28%, and stroke incidence 40%. Startling findings reveal many brands are diluted with cheap omega-6 fats. These fats not only create health problems, but deprive consumers of beneficial polyphenols from pure extra virgin olive oil.

NAD+ Reverses Biomarkers of Aging

NAD+ is a coenzyme utilized by every cell in the body. Harvard researchers have shown that NAD+ can reverse biochemical parameters associated with aging. Higher levels of NAD+ can be restored via a unique form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide riboside.

Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Despite prostate cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death in men, a raging debate has ensued as to whether men should have annual PSA blood tests. The scales are tilting in favor of Life Extension®’s multi-decade campaign to educate men about the importance of regular PSA screening. Not only are there proven ways to reverse rising PSA levels, but breakthrough treatments can enable safer diagnosis and curative treatment without the side effects associated with conventional surgery and radiation.

Combat Chronic Inflammation

Scientists at Harvard and the Cleveland Clinic have been investigating a unique fatty acid, omega-7, which has been shown to increase fat breakdown and fat burning for energy. In one study, patients taking omega-7 for just 30 days showed a 44% reduction in C-reactive protein (inflammatory) levels. The discovery of omega-7 provides an opportunity to conquer metabolic disturbances that precede the diseases of aging.

PQQ Grows New Nerve Cells

Studies show that PQQ triggers the growth of new nerve cells and new mitochondria. By improving brain energy metabolism, PQQ can help protect against cognitive decline, stroke, excitotoxicity, and the neuronal damage caused by high blood sugar.

Pomegranate May Help To Prevent Cancer

While best known for its heart health benefits, accumulating data shows that pomegranate extracts, rich in polyphenols, have protective abilities against prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

When Immune Function “Falls Off a Cliff”

Significant dollars are being invested to develop technologies to turn back “on” youthful immune function. Yet many of us can’t wait for bureaucratic delays while our immune systems “fall off a cliff.” This article will explain what Life Extension® is doing to help restore immune competence in aging humans today, including suppressing the deadly interleukin-6 cytokine.

Overlooked Cause of Depression

A little known cause of depression are high levels of homocysteine. A controlled clinical study found that 5-MTHF, a metabolically active form of folate, lowered homocysteine levels and significantly improved depression.

Delay Brain Aging by 11 Years

Human studies reveal that foods you eat play a huge role in how fast your brain ages. An intriguing new study finds that healthy dietary patterns reduce Alzheimer’s risk up to 52%. Credible researchers now proclaim that the proper lifestyle changes can delay brain aging by 11 years—and reverse memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Combining CoQ10 and Selenium Reduces Cardiovascular Mortality

Swedish researchers found that combining CoQ10 with selenium lowered cardiovascular mortality risk by 49% and dramatically reduced hospital stays. CoQ10 and selenium are popular supplements, and this new study reveals the importance of obtaining both these nutrients to protect against today’s number one killer.