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April 2017

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Geroprotectors: Novel Approach to Combat Aging

Longevity scientists have identified natural compounds, called geroprotectors, capable of combatting aging at the cellular level. By activating specific cell signaling pathways, geroprotectors represent a new way to advance healthy aging strategies.


Mediterranean Diet Extends Healthy Longevity

New England Journal of Medicine reports that the Mediterranean diet reduces cardiovascular events, including death, by 30%. Plant polyphenols are identified as the main contributor for these heart-health benefits.

Research Update: NAD+ Increases Lifespan

In a recently published study, scientists found that nicotinamide riboside has the ability to reprogram dysfunctional stem cells, returning them to more youthful function.

Metformin Slashes Cancer Risks

New studies appear almost daily revealing how metformin inhibits aging by boosting AMPK activity. Data on cancer risk reductions provide an even greater urgency for maturing individuals to reactivate their cellular AMPK.

Lighten (Unwanted) Skin Pigmentation

Increased output of the skin’s melanin can eventually produce uneven pigmentation that makes skin appear older. Topical application of three compounds can lighten “age spots” and produce a more uniform—and younger-looking—complexion.


In The News

Vitamin K reduces arterial stiffness; vitamin E protects against pneumonia; boosting glutathione could reduce age-related diseases; surgeon who specializes is best one for the job; nicotinamide riboside improves muscular dystrophy.



Garlic contains a range of key compounds including vitamins and minerals that provide potent antibiotic, immunosupportive, anticancer, and cardioprotective benefits.

Wellness Profile

Ted Mcdonald—Fitness Expert

Mind/body discipline helps Ted McDonald prepare for and recover from marathons, triathlons, and 24-hour adventure racing. He recommends supplements, offers positive aging programs, and supports high intensity interval training to counter­act the effects of aging.

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