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Research Update

Human Age Reversal

Research into reversing human aging is rapidly accelerating. Somewhere between years 2030-2045, science may gain total control over degenerative processes. Our immediate goal is to develop and validate rejuvenation therapies to provide maturing adults with an additional 15-25 healthy years. This may buy most of us enough time to benefit from upcoming biomedical breakthroughs that will revolutionize human longevity potential. There are FIVE projects urgently in need of funding. Preliminary findings indicate each of these therapies will provide at least some restoration of youthful functionality. Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. has been founded to fund these and other studies aimed at eradicating pathological aging in humans.


Our Critical Mission to Reverse Human Aging

In 1980 we set out to gain total control over human aging. Back in those days no one thought this was possible. After all, from the beginning of recorded history, everyone had aged to death unless something else killed them first. So for the past 37 years, the best Life Extension Foundation® could usually recommend were ways to protect against degenerative processes.

RAAD Fest Presents Breakthrough Anti-Aging Research

Scientists are conducting proof-of-concept human studies with the objective of biologically transforming older people into measurably younger individuals. Solid evidence indicates that many undesirable aspects of aging can be eradicated using newly developed techniques. The integrity of these findings prompted the Life Extension Foundation® to cosponsor the Revolution against Aging and Death conference held in San Diego in August, 2016. This Research Update provides exclusive coverage of the biomedical advances announced at this conference, which may go down in medical history as the first large scale event where multiple methods to reverse human aging were presented by credentialed individuals.