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GlobeAs a global authority in the nutrition, antiaging and wellness fields, Life Extension has been featured in a variety of news media worldwide. Doctors and other health professionals, actors and athletes, young adults and seniors turn to Life Extension for the most up to date information on living longer, looking better and feeling younger.


"I knew I shouldn't feel this tired"

September 23, 2013 – Doctors told Janna Stacey, 51, that her endless fatigue was all in her head. But she kept searching for answers until she discovered the culprit - and a fast-acting remedy.

Life Extension’s New Disease Prevention and Treatment Book

Life Extension’s New Disease Prevention Treatment Book 06

The 1,406-page Disease Prevention and Treatment book includes 130 evidence-based protocols, referenced with scientific peer-reviewed publications as well as the anecdotal experience of healthcare practitioners worldwide, to integrate a variety of aspects of natural medicine such as nutritional supplementation, with conventional and promising new medical treatments, and typically underutilized in the clinical setting.

  • New approaches to cancer before and after surgery that hold the potential for improved long-term outcomes.
  • Novel drug-nutrient-hormone cocktails that may target critical mechanisms related to the ability to replicate a broad array of common viruses.
  • Insights into the optimal use of anti-hypertensive medications, optimal blood pressure targets, and potential ways to better manage blood pressure.
  • Dangers of chronic stress, how it contributes to various diseases, and how one can optimize their stress response by combining healthy lifestyle habits with natural therapies.
  • How to circumvent many overlooked factors that make you so vulnerable to arterial disease, subsequent stroke and heart attack as you get older.
  • Evidence-based suggestions for supporting optimal blood sugar, minimizing post-meal sugar spikes, supporting insulin sensitivity and reducing glycation reactions.


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