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by Stephen Valentine
Item# 33813

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The Architecture of Immortality

by Stephen Valentine
Item# 33813

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  • Timeship
  • by Stephen Valentine
  • Item Catalog Number: 33813

Timeship’s mission:  to conquer aging and eventually death. 

We have long been fascinated by the possibility of immortality even as we accepted death as inevitable. However, recent scientific advances suggest that aging and death are genetically programmed and might someday be slowed or even eliminated. We are now entering an era in which the exponential growth of technology will soon create a world that we, at the beginning of the 21st century, will hardly recognize. Practical immortality may be a significant part of this world to which Timeship will take us. Created by architect Stephen Valentine, Timeship’s six-acre structure will be a center for pioneering research to indefinitely extend the healthy human lifespan, as well as the world’s most secure and technologically advanced facility for the storage of cryopreserved biological materials, including DNA, organs for transplant, and whole mammalian organisms.

Timeship: The Architecture of Immortality describes the creation of this symbolically-rich building and examines the technologies that will make it one of the most innovative structures of our time, a veritable Noah’s Ark to a future we can only begin to imagine. For more information please visit:

From the Forward:

What can surpass the pyramids of Egypt as a symbol of the strength of mankind’s reach for immortality? Today, Timeship is founded on the bedrock of science rather than merely the symbols observed in the natural world. Ultimately, history may judge the impact of Timeship as more profound than that of the pyramids on the ultimate fate of the human species.

—Michael D. West, PhD


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