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Tutorial: Selecting a link on Commission Junction's Publisher Account

If you have just joined Life Extension's Web Affiliate Program and want to start using our links on your website, this simple tutorial will explain how to access your Commission Junction (CJ) Publisher Account and to locate your Life links, and teach you how to use one of our hottest offers: a complimentary 1-year subscription to Life Extension magazine, courtesy of the Life Extension Web Affiliate Program.

Step 1: Logging in and navigating the CJ Publisher Account

Logging in and navigating the CJ Publisher Account
(1) Get Links; (2) By Relationship; (3) View Links

Go to On the top right of the page, log in with your CJ username and password. If you are not registered, please apply for a Commission Junction Publisher account and join the Life Extension Web Affiliates Program.

When you log in to CJ you will be directed to the Home page of your CJ Account. In order to find the Life Extension links you want to use, select the Get Links (1) from the top navigation, and click on the tab that says By Relationship (2).

If you have been approved as an affiliate, you will see the Life link on your My Advertisers list. Click on View Links (3) to advance to the next step.

Tip: If you do not see Life Extension listed under My Advertisers, try flipping through the other tabs to determine the status of your recent application to the Life Extension Web Affiliate Program.

Step 2: Viewing Life Extension's Web Affiliate available links

Life Extension's Web Affiliate available links
(1) Available links

By clicking on View Links from the previous page, you have arrived at Life Extension’s Commission Junction links page. Here is a collection of all the creative material Life Extension offers its affiliates to use on their websites. These links include text links, banners, and specific product links (1).

Familiarize yourself with all the options offered on this page. Also try sorting the columns to find the creative that best fits your business. Remember to also paginate to other link pages we have available to you.

In this tutorial we will teach you how to add a link to a Complimentary 1-Year Subscription to Life Extension magazine on your website; however, these instructions can be used with every affiliate link on CJ. If you would like to use another link promotion instead of the complimentary subscription, just follow the same steps outlined in this tutorial.

Step 3 and 4 will explain how to select a link and extract the code needed to be placed on your website.

Tip: If you are looking at featuring one of our products instead of a banner or text link, Life Extension offers our affiliates our product catalog coded with the CJ parameters to place on your website. On the Life Extension Links page, locate the Search box. The drop-down box right after Search will let you flip between our Links and our Products available on Commission Junction. Switch to Products to access the product catalog links you would like to feature on your website.

Step 3: Locating the Complimentary 1-year Subscription to Life Extension magazine link

Locating the Complimentary 1-year Subscription to Life Extension magazine link
(1) Get HTML Links

On the Life Extension Links page you will find a list of all the available links we offer our affiliates to use on their websites. These links contain the correct parameters Commission Junction uses to track any visitor coming from those links and award you commission for any sales that occur when the visitor is directed to Life Extension’s website.

One of the hottest promotions Life Extension offers is a 1-year FREE subscription to Life Extension magazine. Offering this complimentary subscription to a visitor interested in health, wellness and dietary supplements will most likely convert that visitor into a loyal consumer of Life Extension quality vitamins and supplements.

As an affiliate, you will earn commissions on every purchase that these new Life Extension consumers will make (depending on the visitor’s browser preferences, the cookie-based tracking code will award you commission for up to 4 months on each time a visitor comes from your website.) By offering the complimentary 1-year subscription to your visitors, not only will you give them the opportunity to learn more about our products and services, but you will also gain their loyalty and trust. Consider using this complimentary 1-year subscription to convert your website’s visitors into Life Extension product consumers, and start enjoying commissions paid to you with each one of their purchases.

In order to locate the complimentary subscription link, look on Life Extension Links page for the offer with the same name. You will see two Links available: a Text Link and a 300 x 250 Medium Rectangular Banner.

Select the text link or the banner, and click on the Get HTML link (1) to the far-right column of your choice.

Step 4 will teach you how to select the code to use on your website.

Tip:: The option for Get JavaScript is available for those who would like to generate the link as JavaScript instead of straight HTML. This option is recommended to advanced users.

Step 4: Selecting the Complimentary 1-year Subscription code

Selecting the Complimentary 1-year Subscription code
(1) Highlight Code / Copy Code

Once you click the option to Get HTML, a pop-up window will appear. It is important that you allow pop-ups since Commission Junction utilizes pop-up windows for most of their functions. If you click on the Get HTML link and you do not see the pop-up window, check the pop-up blocker settings on your browser and allow CJ pop-ups to be displayed.

Tip: To disable your pop-up blocker in IE, click on Tools, Internet Options, and navigate to the Privacy tab. Uncheck the Turn on Pop-up Blocker checkbox and click OK.

In the pop-up Get HTML window you will find the CJ properties of the HTML link. Below that, you will find check boxes with some other properties that you control.

Tip: It is recommended for beginners on the CJ interface to use the default properties of the Get HTML window in order to get the default link code. Advanced users can experiment with the check box options to modify each desired link to their needs.

At the bottom of the pop-up window is the text box with the HTML Link Code. When you are ready to extract the HTML link code, simply highlight the text box where the code is, or click Highlight Code/Copy Code (1). Copy this code to where you want on your HTML page. Once you preview your HTML page in a browser, you will see the Life Extension link.

Tip: If you have made any changes to the HTML link properties (if you checked any of the check boxes or changed any of the options on the CJ link properties) you MUST click Update Link Code before extracting the code from the Code text box.

You are done! All you have to do is upload the HTML page to your website and let your visitors click on the Commission Junction-generated link to be directed to our website. All visitors who use this link to visit our website will be tracked as being referred by you and any purchases they make on our website will generate you commission.

If you have any questions concerning Life Extension’s Affiliate Program, please contact Damon Abramson at [email protected] .