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Three-Step Strategy to Reverse Mitochondrial Aging

Stop the destructive cycle of disease and aging with a 3-step program aimed at restoring your body’s vital mitochondrial health and energy levels.

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Our Aging Mitochondria

Feeling energized without using stimulants is possible by increasing the production of real energy — known as ATP. To accomplish this, you’ll need a large number of healthy powerhouses.

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CoQ10: The Longevity Factor

CoQ10 is positioned as the foundational nutrient for health, wellness, and longer life. Are you supplementing with the foundational nutrient? Here’s why you should.

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Coffee and Energy Drinks Don’t Provide Real Energy

Listen to Dr. Mike as he describes the real danger of consuming excessive amounts of stimulants like caffeine. What we really need, he says, is real energy — called ATP. Following a daily ATP-boosting regimen is the solution to feelings of low energy.

What is Real Energy?

Watch Dr. Mike explain what real energy is, why we need it, and how to make more of it. You’ll learn that caffeine-rich drinks, although quite tasty, don’t provide real energy and can’t solve the low-energy crisis many of us experience.

Real Energy without the Crash

Americans drink a daily average of 300 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 2 energy drinks or 3 cups of coffee. Ironically, we ingest caffeine to feel energized, yet it actually causes cellular exhaustion, leaving cells starved for energy. What we need is lasting, real energy.