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Not liking the results from topical creams? Try nourishing the skin from within!
Oat plants that contain ceramides good for skin

Ceramides Create Youthful Skin from Within

Our skin takes a beating day in and day out from solar exposure, pollutants, stress, and aging. Learn how ceramides help form the “glue” that holds surface cells together on our skin, helping to both obtain and maintain a youthful appearance.

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Woman feeling good about skin and looking at legs

Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

As we age, our bodies produce less keratin and collagen, two key structural proteins that are essential to the health of the tissues that comprise hair, skin, and nails. Learn how to nourish these vital structural proteins!

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Husband and wife in pool after taking oral sunscreen for protection

Oral Sunscreen

Ever heard of an oral sunscreen? This trio of nutrients including the B-vitamin nicotinamide, a fern called Polypodium Leucotomos, and red orange can protect your skin cells from harmful solar UV-rays.

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Improve Skin by Locking-in Moisture

Listen to Dr. Mike describe the science behind ceramides, the glue that locks in moisture and preserves skin’s texture and tone.

Foods for Your Skin

These common foods contain nutrients that benefit the skin in a variety of ways and promote healthy skin aging.