Here's what no one told you about magnesium and why it's missing

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Know the different forms of magnesium, what they are beneficial for, and how to live better!
Older couple hiking after balancing their magnesium levels

The National Magnesium Crisis

The majority of Americans do not obtain enough magnesium from dietary sources. The result is an epidemic deficiency of a vital nutrient that costs little yet offers many health benefits.

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Magnesium: The Missing Link To A Healthy Heart

Even a moderate magnesium deficiency can cause profound changes in how the heart, blood vessels, blood cells, intestinal tract, and other tissues function.

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Magnesium Deficiency May Be Caused By Prescription Pills

There are a number of ways that medications can negatively affect the nutrient status of magnesium in the body. These medications, including over-the-counter drugs, deplete your body of magnesium.

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Why is magnesium missing?

Listen to Dr. Mike as he describes why a magnesium supplement is required in today's world.

Whole-Body Benefits of Magnesium

Why is magnesium so important? It works throughout our whole body! Different forms of this amazing mineral are targeted to provide health benefits to our various organs and bodily functions.