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Boosting NAD+ Levels is a Revolutionary Approach to Longevity

The Youth Restoring Benefits Of NAD+

In 2001, researchers developed an effective NAD+ boosting sublingual lozenge, but it only maintained stability for a short time period. As you’ll read in this article, an effective NAD+ cell boosting technology has finally become available.

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Couple supplementing with NAD+ for aging benefits

NAD+ Shown to Reverse Aging Biomarkers

Studies have shown that NAD+ works in two distinct ways to mitigate aging. First, it increases mitochondrial activity and secondly, it activates specific sirtuins shown to regulate life span.

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Scientist taking sample DNA after adding NAD+ for energy

New Resveratrol and NAD+ Suggestions

Resveratrol favorably enhances the activation of cellular sirtuin proteins. NAD+ is required for our sirtuins to function. Find out more about this dynamic duo.

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Dr. Mike discusses the REDOX reaction

the transfer of an electron from one molecule to another. This reaction is responsible for many complex metabolic functions.

Nicotinamide riboside (a form of vitamin B3) effectively boosts NAD+ levels!