The Triple-Action Power of Omega-3

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Three Ways This Essential Nutrient Can Benefit Your Health
Older couple feeling good after supplementing with fish oil

How Fish Oil Benefits Heart Disease Patients with Depression

One in four patients with cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, heart failure, angina, and more) also has depression. Here’s how omega-3 fish oil can help!

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Maximizing Omega-3 Health Benefits

Krill is small, but is it mighty enough? It may not be if you are relying on it as a sole source of omega-3 fatty acids. Here’s how to maximize your benefits!

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Man fishing for Alaskan salmon for pure fish oil

Advances In Fish Oil Purity And Potency

Shopping for fish oil? Don't settle for anything less than five stars! Learn about advances in fish oil purity and potency.

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Optimal omega-3 blood levels

Listen to Dr. Mike discuss the best method for ensuring optimal omega-3 blood levels. Plant-based sources might fall short.