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Label & Packaging Design

Why did Life Extension® change its labels and packaging?

At Life Extension we pride ourselves on listening to feedback from customers like you. We've taken some of your suggestions and changed our labels and packaging for the better. Now our products come in bottles that are easier to use, with labels that are cleaner, simpler, and easier to read.

How did Life Extension improve its bottle design?

Our updated Life Extension wide-mouth bottles provide easier access to your supplements, including a wider opening on the flip lid. The "LE" seal lets you know your Life Extension products are authentic and properly sealed. And the embossed "LE" lid ensures that you can easily distinguish between your Life Extension products and other bottles.

What is different about the updated Life Extension labels?

Our updated Life Extension labels are cleaner, simpler, and easier to read. A scannable QR code has been added so you can instantly access product facts, ingredient information, and effortlessly reorder your favorite supplements on your smartphone. This information is now just a snapshot away! The product expiration date and item number can now be found directly below the QR code, located on the bottle's side panel.

Why am I seeing two versions of labels and bottles in my order?

The transition to the updated packaging will happen over time as we move through preexisting inventory and packaging. You may receive products with the updated packaging in the same shipment as products with the previous packaging … or even multiple bottles of the same supplement with both versions. Rest assured that whichever version you receive, you'll find the same premium-quality Life Extension supplements on the inside.