New Branding, Packaging and Website

Why have you changed your look?

Our rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to represent our evolution as a company.

I received a white bottle, does that mean I have an older formula?

Definitely not. We would never sell you outdated products. However, during our transition period, products may arrive in either brand packaging. Regardless of packaging, you will always receive premium products backed by our 100%, 1-year, no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.

Have your product formulas changed along with the new packaging?

We perpetually innovate our products, so they are ever evolving. However, new package design is not what signals a new product formulation. When we reformulate products, we announce it and explain what the differences are and what you can expect. Most products have just experienced a package update, nothing else.

Are your prices changing because of the new packaging?

No. We pride ourselves on being financially responsible. Our new looks will not impact pricing.

I see the new bottles are translucent, will that affect the integrity of the products?

No. There will not be any product integrity issues associated with our new translucent bottles. In fact, bottles like these are fairly common in the industry. Plus, they are recyclable. Please recycle.

Why did you change your website?

Many of you felt our website was cumbersome and difficult to navigate, so we completely overhauled it. We developed valuable content and made the experience easy and intuitive. We hope you agree.

Can I still find the same information as before?

We didn’t remove information. We added great new content and made other information easier to understand.

Click below for a short tutorial of the new website.

Will the website URL change?

The URL for our website will remain:

Will my login details (username and password) change?

No. The look has changed, but your login will remain. Simply log in using your existing credentials. You will find all your account details there, as they were before.

Has the ownership structure of Life Extension® changed?

No. Our ownership remains unchanged.

Are your bottles recyclable?

Yes, we like to do our part for the environment. All our bottles, new and old, are recyclable. Recycle anywhere they accept #1 PET or PETE items. Most curbside recycling programs can accommodate this very common packaging. These types of recyclables are safe to be reused and are often turned into polar fleece, fiber tote bags, furniture, carpet and more. Help us help the planet. Please recycle.

When will all the new labels appear on the bottles?

It is difficult to provide a specific date, as some products will take longer than others to convert, and conversion is based on need. That said, we have every reason to anticipate that 90% of our products will have new labeling by February 2020.