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Big Pharma Trying to Restrict Consumer Access
to Better Drugs

Dear Member,

A battle is waging in the U.S. Senate over whether you will be able to continue to obtain medications that are often more effective and less expensive than what large pharmaceutical companies offer.

On March 11, 2013, I sent you an email warning about the deception perpetrated by the FDA during a broadcast on CBS News 60 Minutes.

The 60 Minutes report described an unscrupulous manufacturer of contaminated drugs that has caused 53 deaths and over 700 serious illnesses.

I revealed how 60 Minutes omitted the fact that the FDA knew about this disaster-waiting-to-happen as far back as 2002 but failed to stop it until Americans started dying in 2012.

I was outraged that the FDA Commissioner was given free rein on national TV to blame this tragedy on a lack of regulatory authority.

On April 16, 2013, the FDA was subpoenaed to appear before Congress to account for these contaminated drugs. According to the House Committee investigative report, this unscrupulous manufacturer was allowed to inflict this carnage because the FDA failed to do its job.

Instead of punishing the FDA for its failure to protect the public, the Senate has introduced a bill giving the FDA more power to take away bioidentical hormones and other drugs that are safely made at compounding pharmacies.

I ask that you act now to prevent this from happening.

You can easily contact your Senators by logging on to Life Extension's legislative action website and sending them a prepared email instructing them to oppose S.959. The provisions contained in S.959 give the FDA the authority to restrict and eliminate the bioidentical hormones upon which millions of women and men depend.

You'll soon read an in-depth report about how FDA failures have resulted in unprecedented numbers of contaminated drugs poisoning Americans. The absolute worst response to this catastrophe is to give the FDA more power when it utterly botched its job with the draconian powers it already has.

Please send an email alerting your members of Congress to vote NO on Senate bill 959 (S.959).

You can also phone your Senators at 1-877-762-8762 to let your voice be heard.

For longer life,

Bill Faloon