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Life Extension Magazine

September 2005

Protecting DNA Against Lethal Mutation

Most cancers are caused by mutations in the genes that regulate cell division. Recent medical research has found that certain nutrients can bolster the body’s detoxification systems, thus protecting against potentially lethal mutagens from dietary, environmental, and other sources.


Avoiding Macular Degeneration

Scientists who examined the disease-preventive powers of fruits and vegetables are now focusing on lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that help maintain the structure of the eye’s macula and may be critical to helping aging adults avoid macular degeneration.

Building Bridges to Immortality

In his new book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever, renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil argues that humanity is on the brink of a revolution in health technology and gene therapy that will enable us to achieve immortality within the next 20 years.

America's Prescription for Disaster

A groundbreaking new documentary film, Prescription for Disaster, shows how America’s obsession with prescribing drugs to treat disease benefits drug makers and the medical establishment, while endangering the health and lives of millions of Americans.

How Vegetables Lost Their Vitamins

Vegetables are good for you, but many varieties are no longer as nutritious as they once were. New studies confirm that techniques adopted by commercial plant breeders to help produce ship well and look good are draining vegetables of critical nutrient content.

As We See It

Magnesium is a low-cost, heart-healthy nutrient, yet widespread magnesium deficiency is contributing to an epidemic of heart attack and stroke deaths. Life Extension member Paul Mason has shown that adding magnesium to bottled drinks and drinking water could potentially save millions of lives each year.


In The News

Selenium reduces prostate cancer risk; drug makers abuse FDA approval process; green tea compound mimics anti-cancer drug; melatonin lessens pain from irritable bowel syndrome; magnesium may help obese children avoid diabetes; vitamin D cuts fracture risk in elderly; and more.

All About Supplements

All About Supplements

Flaxseed’s dietary fiber, lignans, phytoestrogens, and omega-3 fatty acids may protect against cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Gary Goldfaden, MD, FACC, discusses the causes and treatment of rosacea, a common skin disorder.



An early adherent of life extension, Daniel Tucker, MD, maintains a practice that integrates allergy, immunology, and anti-aging medicine.