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The Unscientific Bioidentical Hormone Debate

October 2009

By William Faloon

Why American Healthcare is Headed for Collapse

I have sympathy for the lay public who try to stay informed about life-and-death medical issues. With doctors making so many contradictory claims, it is no wonder that confused consumers die from lethal ignorance!

When the media attempts to sort out fact from fiction, the public hears biased doctors proclaim that their opposition’s position is reckless and risks killing those who implement it. The tragic result of these kinds of sound bite debates is that most people do nothing, and miss out on proven methods to reverse premature aging.

Drug Propaganda Wars

Today’s battleground is over who will derive the most economic benefit from the sale of female hormone drugs. All sides seem to have spokespersons to emphatically state that their product is the safest and most effective.

We at Life Extension® are in the unique position of arguing against what is in our economic interests. For the past two decades, we have advised women needing estrogen drugs to use individualized combinations of - and estradiol topical creams.

The problem is the FDA has effectively forbidden the sale of estriol.1 This ban is in direct response to pressure from a pharmaceutical company2 that wanted the FDA to censor your right to obtain estriol, which we consider a safer3 form of estrogen.

It is in the Life Extension Pharmacy™’s economic interest to sell you dangerous FDA-approved estrogen drugs. We instead refer callers to compounding pharmacies that are still providing estriol topical creams.

Dangerous Estrogen Drugs Still Sell Briskly

The market for female hormone replacement drugs is gargantuan. The lethal side effects of Premarin® (horse urine-derived estrogens) and Prempro® (horse urine-derived estrogens and a synthetic progestin) were revealed in the Women’s Health Study in 2002 and 2004.4,5 These drugs, however, continue to be sold to unsuspecting female patients.6

Dangerous Estrogen Drugs Still Sell Briskly

The fact that medical doctors continue to prescribe horse urine-derived estrogens and synthetic progestins with proven risks is a testament to mainstream medicine’s apathy and ignorance.

That the FDA allows the continued sale of horse urine-derived estrogens and synthetic progestin, under the guise that the agency is not sure if plant-derived estrogens and progesterone are safer reveals how much political influence pharmaceutical companies wield in government.

That the maker of Premarin® and Prempro® doesn’t even make the effort to bring out “new and improved” versions of their brand-name drugs (using plant-derived estrogen and natural progesterone) shows how little pharmaceutical companies care about the public’s health.

I see innovation in the natural products industry virtually every day, yet the same formulas for Premarin® (horse urine-derived estrogens) and Prempro® (horse urine-derived estrogens and a synthetic progestin) have been used for decades.

Premarin®, in fact, was approved by the FDA way back in 1942.7 What else do you know that was brought out 67 years ago that still sells briskly today? The only answer is antiquated drugs protected by a federal regulatory agency called the FDA.

Plenty of Plant-derived Estrogen Drugs to Choose From

There is no shortage of drug companies that sell estrogen drugs that cost them virtually nothing to make. For example, pharmaceutical manufacturers will produce tens of millions of tablets at a time containing 1 mg of a potent estrogen called estradiol.

These drug companies (and the Life Extension Pharmacy™) make money when women buy these 1 mg estradiol tablets. As you will read in this month’s issue, however, the scientific literature indicates that it is safer and more effective if aging women are prescribed individualized doses of topical creams that provide about 80% estriol and only 20% estradiol.

To reiterate, while it is in Life Extension®’s economic interest to sell mass-produced estradiol and/or conjugated estrogen tablets, we instead recommend that women in need of estrogen drugs obtain them from compounding pharmacies that provide the more scientifically substantiated estriol. (Our pharmacy does provide compounding services, but we can’t offer estriol because of the FDA’s ban.)

Why Drug Companies Attack Estriol

Why Drug Companies Attack Estriol

Pharmaceutical companies make their money in an assembly line style which involves selling you the same drug as everyone else. The problem is that you are not like everyone else as far as your individual hormone needs are concerned.

In order to deceive the public into believing they need to be “protected” against compounded estriol-based creams, drug company shills proclaim that compounding pharmacies are “unregulated” and lack the quality control found in FDA-approved manufacturing facilities. These deceptions frighten most of the public into using toxic mass-produced drugs in lieu of safer compounded versions.

To expose the charade being perpetrated against aging women, this month’s Life Extension® magazine publishes a landmark white paper titled Bioidentical Hormones: Why Is There Still a Controversy?

The bottom line is that there are billions of dollars to be made if American women can be deceived into using dangerous mass-produced estrogen and synthetic progestin drugs. You can believe pharmaceutical giants will leave no stone unturned to sic regulatory agencies against those who sell natural forms of these hormones. An even more sinister tactic is to pay doctors to attack those who seek to alert the public about the suffering and deaths caused by these unnatural and toxic hormone drugs.

Corrupt FDA Actions Cause Consumers to be Financially Raped

There is a financial downside for women seeking compounded estriol-based creams.

Since the FDA was so kind (to big pharma) to ban the sale of estriol, its gray market price has sharply increased. The FDA’s biased action causes US consumers to now pay grossly inflated prices for estriol.

In order to protect the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA has no qualms about bankrupting the healthcare system of the United States. Life Extension® exposed this back in the early 1980s, and little has changed since then—except that the medical system is facing virtual insolvency because of unrelenting corrupt FDA practices.

A study this year in fact revealed that more than 60% of personal bankruptcies are caused not by lavish spending, but by medical bills!8