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New Life Extension Nutrition Center

March 2012

By Jon Finkel

A First Rate Nutritional Destination, a Staff Second to None

A First Rate Nutritional Destination, a Staff Second to None

The brand new Life Extension Nutrition Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was created to provide innovative anti-aging and wellness services under one roof. The Nutrition Center offers, in one location, a complete vitamin store, full-service pharmacy, knowledgeable health advisors, reference library, and blood lab. Above all, the Life Extension® philosophy of science-based health and longevity protocols permeates all services and products offered at the Nutrition Center.

Expert Staff

While commercial vitamin stores and pharmacies are notorious for their take-a-number, one-size-fits-all customer philosophy and lack of helpful expertise, the Life Extension Nutrition Center prides itself in being the opposite. With a staff of highly trained health advisors, any customer can set up an appointment to discuss specific questions and concerns about their health. This unique, one-on-one relationship is crucial to the success of any anti-aging regimen. Unlike a traditional pharmacy, a customer won’t be handed a bottle or pill container and told to simply “read the label.” Life Extension pharmacists are trained to advise customers about complementary nutritional strategies that allow them to achieve maximum benefit from their health care.

Blood Lab Access

After customers discuss their health goals with an advisor, they may want to have their blood tested to find out if they have any crucial hormone, vitamin, or mineral deficiencies they should be aware of. Life Extension advocates regular blood testing as one of the most important preventive actions you can take to anticipate and ward off the diseases of aging. Additionally, Life Extension offers a range of blood labs that are often not available at your general doctor’s office. Customers can have their blood drawn right there on the premises. The results will then be mailed directly to a customer’s house, where they have the option of speaking to their own health care provider, calling an advisor to discuss the results over the phone, or they can bring their results into the store to talk about them in person.

The Forefront of Research

The Nutrition Center offers a nutrition library, where customers can peruse or purchase the latest anti-aging books from national bestselling health authors. Furthering the research philosophy, the Nutrition Center is also host to a monthly lecture series. Recent topics have included: ‘“Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention” and “Blood Sugar Control.”

The nutrition center is also home to cutting-edge clinical trials that customers who qualify are allowed to participate in. These trials often have far-reaching anti-aging implications and are used as the basis for future Life Extension protocols, products, and magazine articles. Information about joining a clinical trial can be found in the store or online (

Life Extension Nutrition Center
Life Extension Nutrition Center

Life Extension Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 9AM – 8PM
Saturday 9AM-6PM
Sunday 11AM-5PM
Pharmacy hours are same as above except it is closed on Sunday.

5990 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone: 954-766-8144