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Five questions about 'Crazy Sexy Cancer' survivor

Detroit Free Press


Kris Carr, whose 2007 documentary "Crazy Sexy Cancer" and subsequent books of the same genre propelled her onto the bestseller lists, comes to the Detroit area from Woodstock, N.Y., next month for a fund-raiser for the Pink Fund. Carr, now 40, was an actress who appeared as a Bud Girl in a Super Bowl beer commercial in 2003 just weeks before she was diagnosed with a rare Stage 4 cancer that left multiple tumors on her liver. Her upbeat, no-holds-barred humor manifests itself on her Web site -- -- where she promotes her veggie-dominated lifestyle and tells how it will make followers "sleep better, love harder and poop like a gold medalist."

Q: What was crazy and sexy about your cancer?

A: I redefine crazy and sexy. Crazy is out-of-the-box forward thinking, status-quo smashing. And sexy is empowered. Cancer for me was and is my teacher.

Q: What was the craziest thing you did when you had cancer?

A: The craziest thing many people thought I did was not pursue treatment. There wasn't anything that was proven. So I started to research the best diets and lifestyles for longevity. Not because I had to cure myself, but because I wanted to feel better. And if I had to live my life with cancer, I wanted to feel well. I started eating a lot more plants and reducing the amount of stress in my life. And I developed a deep love for green juice.

Q: What's green juice?

A: Juiced vegetables. An average breakfast for me is cucumber, kale, spinach, romaine, celery and apple. That's my morning pick-me- up. That's my wake-up drink. I made the decision to start nourishing my body in a way I never had before. And that's what I teach people how to do.

Q: In your books, you talk about how it's necessary to have a "cancer posse" of supporters. Do you still have one and who's in it?

A: I've shifted now, and I have more of a wellness posse . And the people in my wellness posse are my favorite people o n the planet. I surround myself with really smart, wonderful people who can not only teach me, but help me to teach other people. My close inner circle are yogis, meditation practitioners and functional medicine doctors, a nd a core group of women who support each other and our dreams. We can run our problems or victories by each other.

Q: You found a life partner in this fight against cancer. How did that happen?

A: Cancer became my matchmaker. When I got this wild idea to make a film, which I did for my sanity more than anything, I needed a cameraman and editor to shoot when I wasn't shooting. That's how I met Brian, and four years into the process, we hadn't killed each other, so we decided to get married.


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