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New Product Scientifically Battles Aging at the Cellular Level-Exclusively licensed from the Geron Corporation, TA-65 is the world's first Telomerase Activator

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NEW YORK, April 9, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (TA Sciences) announced on March 12 its license with Geron to develop and market non-therapeutic products using Geron's small molecule telomerase activators. Now TA Sciences announces the opening of the TA Sciences Center in Manhattan where customers can purchase TA Sciences' first product, a nutraceutical containing the telomerase activating agent "TA-65."

"TA Sciences welcomes our first customers and the launch of the world's first telomerase activator product," said Noel Thomas Patton, founder of TA Sciences. "A natural consequence of aging is the shortening of telomeres (caps of DNA located at the ends of all chromosomes), which ultimately results in loss of cell function. TA-65 offers the potential of reducing or reversing telomere shortening and battles tissue and organ degeneration by rejuvenating aging cells."

TA-65 is the result of vigorous scientific research that began at Geron in 1992. Already the response from the scientific community to the news of TA Sciences' ground-breaking launch has been very enthusiastic: "Telomerase Activation is the single most promising approach to reversing the effects of aging," said Michael Fossel, MD, PhD., Clinical Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University, author, and recognized authority on aging and age- related clinical disease.

And Dr. William H. Andrews, founder of Sierra Sciences, LLC and one of the principal discoverers of the telomerase genes, said: "Cleopatra, Ponce de Leon, and untold others throughout the ages have searched for the secrets of youth. That search has been futile, until now: Telomerase Activation is the first and only scientifically sound way to approach anti- aging. TA-65 is the first product in history that has been proven to slow or reverse cellular aging. Congratulations to TA Sciences and Geron!"

On April 30, 2007 TA Sciences plans to publish the results of the Pivotal 2005 Anti-Aging Trial, which is the first ever human clinical trial of a telomerase activator. This trial shows statistical verification of the anti- aging benefits of telomerase activation.

The TA Sciences Center is located at 24 E. 64th Street in New York. The company offers its telomerase-activating products as part of the 12 month "Patton Protocol." The driver of TA Sciences' product line is the telomerase- activating small molecule "TA-65," sold under license from Geron. For more information on TA Sciences visit or call 888-360-8886. For more information on Geron visit

SOURCE TA Sciences Inc.

CONTACT: Greta Blackburn of TA Sciences Inc., cell, +1-818-634-5941


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