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Anti-Aging Pioneer Al Sears, M.D. Brings Nobel Prize Winning Discovery to Millions

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ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla., Oct 09, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The first anti-aging doctor licensed to offer TA-65 treatment in the U.S. predicted the Nobel Prize in medicine for Elizabeth Blackburn. Three Americans shared the prize, including Carol Greider and Jack Szostak for their research on telomeres, the "caps" at the end of chromosomes.

On hearing the news, Dr. Sears noted, "It was no surprise to me. The science of telomere biology is the most important discovery in human history. We now understand the mechanism of aging and how to influence it. Life on this planet will never be the same."

Almost one year ago to the day, Dr. Sears convened a now historic conference on telomere biology. During his keynote address, Dr. Sears predicted a Nobel Prize for Dr. Blackburn's telomere research. The breakthrough TA-65 treatment is based on her findings.

TA-65 is the newest and most dramatic technology in the world of life extension. It is the only commercially available product that lengthens human telomeres - the protective tips that cap the ends of your DNA.

Each time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. When your telomeres run down, cell division stops and your life ends.

Anti-aging expert Al Sears, M.D. announced today that the application of telomere technology is not years or decades away. "It's available to you right now. There are concrete ways to slow the shortening of your telomeres, extend your life and possibly prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. You don't need to wait years for a drug to appear."

Dr. Sears's free report on anti-aging and telomere biology Seven Steps to a More Youthful Life is available on his website, www.telomeraseactivation.org

About Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board certified physician with over 15 years experience transforming the lives of over 20,000 patients in 23 countries.

Dr. Sears earned his medical degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Scored in the 99th percentile on his MCAT and graduated with honors in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Physical Medicine.

He has six books and over 500 articles published in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging and nutritional supplementation. He is editor and founder of the newsletter Health Confidential - the definitive guide to alternative and anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Sears enjoys a worldwide readership appearing on over 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN and ESPN.

He was awarded the first US license to administer the ground breaking anti-aging therapy TA-65. Recently mentioned in Newsweek, TA-65 activates the gene that regulates telomerase. This enzyme helps control cell division and may hold the key to disease prevention and life extension.

Dr. Sears is a sought after lecturer and regular guest speaker at the National Anti-Aging Conference: Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine sponsored by Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG).

SOURCE Center for Health and Wellness

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