2:5 by Life Extension Nutrition Program
Indulge without the Bulge

with the 2:5™ by Life Extension®
Nutrition Program

Maintaining weight is something we all have to deal with, especially during the holidays. This year don't let weight gain spoil your celebrations. Easily manage your waistline with the 2:5™ by Life Extension® Nutrition Program!

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The 2:5™ by Life Extension® Nutrition Program was designed and clinically validated to help you manage your weight, especially through what can be one of the toughest times of the year — the holiday season. Did you know that from November through January, the average person gains 1-2 pounds? While this may not seem like a lot, many of us don't lose this added weight during the spring and summer months.1-3 So a 1-2 pound weight gain annually over a period of 10 years can lead to an excess of 10-20 pounds!

With this in mind, Life Extension® evaluated the intermittent fasting of the 2:5™ program with a randomized, controlled clinical study of overweight but otherwise healthy adults. After 52 days of using the program, participants experienced a significant body mass index reduction compared to baseline. The 2:5™ study has also shown support and balance for healthy cholesterol levels, as well as offering a significant beneficial effect on insulin levels for those also within a normal range.

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Reduce Your Calories & Stay in Optimal Health!

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This 52-day intermittent fasting program helps you to easily manage your waistline without the worries of weight gain.

Here's how easy it is to use this nutrition program:

  • Reduce your calories with Life Extension's specially designed macronutrient blend of shakes and bars for two days a week (700 calories a day).
  • Eat your normal diet the other five days (including your holiday feasts).
  • Add a specific blend of Life Extension dietary supplements to your daily routine.

It's that easy! There's no need to starve yourself or feel deprived.
With the 2:5™ program, you'll be looking your best — without the guilt that comes with enjoying your favorite holiday delicacies.

Maintain your waistline for less than $6.00 a day!

The 2:5™ by Life Extension® Nutrition Program is an intermittent fasting program that reduces your daily calorie intake, so you can eat your favorite foods, without putting on extra pounds. Here's what's included:

2: Days Enjoy Bars and Shakes
  • The 2:5™ Program Wellness Shakes
    32 shakes (Chocolate or Vanilla or a Combination)
  • The 2:5™ Program Wellness Bars
    36 bars (Chocolate Brownie or Cookie Dough or a Combination)
5: Days Eat What You Want + Daily Support
  • AMPK Metabolic Activator (60-day supply)
  • Optimized Saffron with Satiereal® (60-day supply)
  • Glycemic Guard™ (60-day supply)
  • Advanced Appetite Suppress (60-day supply)
  • PLUS get two added gifts: 2:5™ shaker bottle and 2:5™ pillbox
Save over 40%

Special Price: $29999

Your Guide to Better Weight Management

We also offer a variety of resources to assist you during the program and help you build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We include a Guide that outlines the 2:5™ Program and provides additional information on the shakes, bars, and supplements.

We also offer tips on an overall healthy lifestyle. Plus, one-on-one guidance with our 2:5™ by Life Extension® Nutrition Program Wellness Specialists.

For more information or to speak with a Wellness Specialist, please call 1-800-226-2370.

Download the 2:5™ by Life Extension® Nutrition Program Guide.

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Healthier You


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I found the products to be very easy to use. I never felt hungry on my fasting days and I had plenty of energy. I actually felt great on the program from start to finish!
- Sandra R.

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For me, the program was a success. I have to agree because I lost a lot of weight, and I felt very good with the vitamins and proteins that have been used.
- Laura H.

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Let us know! Please send your feedback to 2-5byLE@lifeextension.com.

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Satisfaction Guarantee
Indulge without the Bulge

with the 2:5™ by Life Extension®
Nutrition Program

The holidays are a time to enjoy family and friends. Plus, there's lots of mouthwatering food. There's no need to starve yourself or feel deprived. The 2:5™ by Life Extension® Nutrition Program is a healthy way to manage your weight for 52 days during the holidays. Plus, order now and you'll save an amazing 40% off the retail price. This holiday season, celebrate without the extra weight with 2:5™.

Retail Price: $504.00

Save over 40%

Special Price: $29999

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This program should be followed in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Individual results are not guaranteed, and results may vary. Consult your physician or healthcare professional before making any dietary or fitness modifications.

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Ratings based on results of the 2018 ConsumerLab.com Survey of Supplement Users. More information at consumerlab.com/survey2018.

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