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Anemia and Iron-Related Concerns

Ferritin (serum)

Iron is stored mostly in the liver bound to the protein ferritin. The amount of ferritin found in the blood shows how much iron is stored in the body (Knovich 2009).

  • Reference Range:
    • Women 15-150 ng/mL
    • Men 30-400 ng/mL
  • LE’s Optimal Range:
    • Women 50-100 ng/mL
    • Men 50-125 ng/mL

Vitamin B12 (serum)

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in producing cellular energy, for the formation of red blood cells, the functioning of the nervous system, including learning and memory (Kobe 2016; Grober 2013; Leishear 2012; O'Leary 2010). Vitamin B12 testing helps diagnose central nervous system disorders, anemia, and malabsorption syndromes.

  • Reference Range: 232-1245 pg/mL
  • LE’s Optimal Range: > 400 pg/mL