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Health Protocols

Cancer Adjuvant Therapy

Adjuvant cancer therapies are used to support and enhance the effects of primary cancer therapies in eradicating or reducing cancer's burden on the body, and to help prevent cancer recurrence and increase survival. For example, surgery to remove a brain tumor would be a primary therapy, and chemotherapy given before, during, or after the operation to help stop the cancer from coming back would be adjuvant therapy.

Although adjuvant cancer therapy usually refers to conventional cancer treatments, the term can also refer to evidence-based integrative interventions used with the same goals. For instance, integrative interventions intended to improve immune function before and after cancer surgery can be considered adjuvant therapies.

The intention of this protocol is to review integrative and novel therapies, including natural interventions and the off-label use of some common drugs, which have potential value in the setting of adjuvant cancer care.

This protocol should be reviewed in conjunction with other relevant protocols, including: