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Arthritis - Rheumatoid



Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a systemic inflammatory disease characterized by an autoimmune response that causes pain and disfigurement in peripheral joints. A dangerously underappreciated fact about RA is that it also significantly increases risk of cardiovascular disease. Because systemic inflammation hastens the onset of most age-related diseases, individuals afflicted with RA have a nearly 40% increased risk of dying compared to healthy people (Khan 2010; Radovits 2010; Peters 2009).

Too often, conventional treatment strategies yield only marginal relief and fall pitifully short of mitigating the systemic risks that threaten the longevity of RA patients. Life Extension encourages both patients and physicians to view RA as a disease of the entire body, not just the joints. Initiating an aggressive cardiovascular risk reduction program should be as high a priority as relieving joint pain.

In this protocol, you will discover an advanced European drug delivery system that dramatically augments the efficacy and lessens the side effects of prednisone, a drug commonly used in the treatment of RA. You will also learn about oral tolerance – a unique, drug-free strategy that helps re-train the immune system to not attack the joints, as well as convenient blood tests and scientifically studied natural compounds that allow you to assess and target your cardiovascular risk.