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Recommendation 12: Maintain Optimal Blood Glucose Levels

Blood glucose spikes commonly occur after eating, and can last hours … even a whole day. Those spikes can unfavorably alter gene expression in a way that may accelerate the processes of aging.1,2 Even people on reduced-calorie diets may still create too much glucose due to excess glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme, which prompts the release of additional stored glucose from tissues, even though there is already abundant glucose in the blood.

By contrast, maintaining fasting glucose levels in the range of 70-85 mg/dL and not allowing after-meal glucose levels to spike higher than 40 mg/dL over the fasting value, favorably influences the body’s longevity genes.3-7 And there are several proven ways to achieve healthy glucose levels. Many approaches that promote healthy glucose levels also promote healthy levels of insulin, 8-11 LDL,9,12-16 triglycerides,17-19 and C-reactive protein20 — thus promoting better overall health.

For a healthy, after-meal blood glucose reading, look for a normal, in-range reading that increases no more than 40 mg/dL above your fasting value. So if your fasting glucose is 80 mg/dL, your after-meal glucose should be no higher than 120 mg/dL.

Multi-Pronged Approach to Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Despite a healthy diet and exercise, blood sugar levels can rise due to a number of factors including excess gluconeogenesis whereby the liver produces glucose from protein. Another issue is the rapid conversion of any starch, including whole grains, into glucose. The result is that even health-conscious, active people can experience higher than desired blood sugar levels as they age.21,22 An all-natural, multi-pronged approach has been designed to support the natural balance of key glucose pathways. Tri Sugar Shield® provides three plant-derived nutrients that, through their rich array of complementary mechanisms,23-37 afford an unrivaled level of optimal, broad spectrum support for healthy glucose metabolism in aging individuals within normal range.

Tri Sugar Shield® contains sorghum bran extract which has long been cultivated in Asia (and now is grown in Africa, India, China, Australia and the USA) and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, among those in the normal range, by modulating four different mechanisms. First, it balances the rate of sugar manufacture in the liver (gluconeogenesis).24 Sorghum has also been shown to promote insulin sensitivity. 25 It is also responsible for regulating PPAR-gamma, a metabolic thermostat controlling glucose metabolism,25 as well as the enzyme alpha-amylase, which in turn controls the release of sugar found in starch.23

The second main component of Tri Sugar Shield® is mulberry leaf, which has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. This mulberry leaf extract targets the alpha-glucosidase enzyme to regulate conversion of starch into glucose;26-28 supports glucose transporter GLUT4 that moves glucose out of the bloodstream and into muscle and liver cells;29,30 and promotes insulin sensitivity.31

Tri Sugar Shield® also supplies phloridzin, a natural polyphenol found in various fruit trees.32 Phloridzin helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, among those in the normal range by targeting carrier protein SGLT1, in turn helping to block the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream33,34 as well as targeting carrier protein SGLT2, in turn supporting glucose elimination via urine.35,36 A bottle of 60 vegetarian capsules of Life Extension’s Tri Sugar Shield® retails for $36. If a customer buys four bottles, the price is reduced to $24.00 per bottle. (Item #01803) Click here to view ingredients.

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