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Recommendation 8: Protect Your Bones
Bone Restore

Why do men and women who take calcium supplements still suffer from a loss of bone mineral density? One reason is that most people don’t take enough calcium to offset the amount being lost in the course of normal aging.

Another problem overlooked by most doctors is the fact that bone density loss is not just associated with calcium deficiency, but also with an insufficient intake of a host of other nutrients including magnesium and vitamin D3.1-7 In order for calcium to help maintain healthy bones, adequate amounts of vitamin D3,3,7,8 zinc,9-11 magnesium,12 manganese,13,14 and other nutrients should be available so that calcium and phosphorus can be incorporated into the bone matrix. Additionally, many forms of calcium are not well absorbed.15-17

While loss of bone mineral density is more commonly experienced by women, aging men can also have this issue.18 Both men and women may suffer significant deficits of magnesium if they do not supplement. Magnesium is needed to maintain strong bones, and is critical to promoting a healthy vascular system.19,20 In fact, magnesium is critical for facilitating hundreds of enzymatic reactions that our bodies require to maintain optimal health.21,22

Bone Restore is designed to support healthy bone density and strength. Bone Restore provides 700 elemental milligrams of calcium from three different forms, along with the critically important nutrients magnesium,12,23-25 boron,1,3,26-30 zinc, 9-11,32 silicon,33-35 manganese13,36 and vitamin D7,37-40 needed for healthy bones.

In fact, the boron/carbohydrate complex in this formula is identical to what is found in fruits and vegetables and is more bioavailable than boron citrate. Scientific research has established the beneficial effects of boron on the strength of bones and joints.26-29 Additionally, Bone Restore contains 300 mg of magnesium. Click here to view ingredients.

Women should take four capsules daily of Bone Restore, whereas men may only require three capsules daily. Maintaining an optimal vitamin D blood level, ensuring adequate vitamin K intake, and maintaining youthful hormone balance also helps maximize bone density.

The retail price for 120 capsules of Bone Restore (Item #01726) is $22.00. If a customer of Life Extension buys four bottles, the price is reduced to only $14.25 per bottle. Bone Restore is now available with Vitamin K2 (MK-7) for those not getting their vitamin K from Super Booster or Super K with Advanced K2 Complex. The retail price for 120 capsules of Bone Restore with Vitamin K2 (Item #01727) is $24.00. If a customer of Life Extension buys four bottles, the price is reduced to only $16.50 per bottle.

Note: Bone Restore with Vitamin K2 is also available for those who are not getting vitamin K bone density benefits in Super Booster or Super K. Those taking the anti-coagulant drug Coumadin® (warfarin) should order the original Bone Restore without vitamin K2.

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