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Blood Testing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where do I go to get my blood drawn?
A) Laboratory Corporation of America performs all of our blood draws at no extra charge to you. Not available in Maryland. Simply click Find a Lab Near You to locate the LabCorp Patient Service Center near you. (However, if you live in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island, you will receive a blood draw kit per state law ... and additional draw fees may apply.)

Q) What laboratory will analyze my blood tests?
A) Laboratory Corporation of America provides our laboratory services.

Q) Do you use any other labs besides LabCorp?
A) Yes. Life Extension National Diagnostics Inc., also offers 24-hour urine tests and blood spot tests which are performed by other specialty laboratories. These tests are packaged as kits and collected by you in the convenience of your own home.

Q) Can I order Life Extension® blood tests if I live outside the United States?
A) No. We can only offer blood tests to people residing in the continental US and in Anchorage, AK.

Q) Who orders the blood tests for me?
A) Life Extension National Diagnostics, Inc., contracts with physicians who will order your tests but will not diagnose or treat you.

Q) Will I receive an actual prescription for these blood tests?
A) You will receive a LabCorp “Patient Service Center Request Form” in the mail (USPS- first class) which you will take with you for the blood draw. (If you live in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island, you will receive a blood draw kit due to state law. Additional draw fees may apply.) Your requisition form or kit should arrive within 5–7 business days from the time your order is placed.

Q) Is there an expiration date on my blood test order?
A) Yes. Your requisition form for the blood draw is only good for 6 months from the date the order is placed.

Q) How and when will I get my results?
A) Results from Life Extension National Diagnostics, Inc., can be sent to you by snail mail, e-mail or fax. Or you can view them online. The choice is yours. And they usually arrive within 10–14 business days from the date of the blood draw, depending on the complexity of the blood tests ordered.

Q) Who can explain the results to me?
A) Discuss your results with your personal physicians and/or health care provider. You can also call a Life Extension Wellness Specialist free of charge to review your results.

Q) Why not just go to my own doctor and have him/her order blood tests for me?
A) We can probably save you a lot of money thanks to our partnership with LabCorp. We offer unique blood panels you won’t find elsewhere. And your own doctor may not be willing to write a prescription for blood tests for preventive purposes.

Q) Are these tests covered by my insurance company?
A) This blood test service is for informational purposes only and no specific medical advice, ICD-9 codes, Tax ID’s or CPT codes will be provided. When you purchase a blood test from Life Extension National Diagnostics, Inc., you are doing so with the understanding that you are privately paying for these tests. There is absolutely no billing to Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

Q) What are the blood test requisition options?
A) Your blood test requisition options are LabCorp requisition form and blood lab kit. If you choose “LabCorp Requisition Form”, you will receive a form to present to a Patient Service Center in your area. The requisition you receive will have all the ordering information necessary for you to have your blood drawn. Please note that this option is not allowed in the states of NY, NJ, RI, MA or MD.

Alternatively, if you choose "Blood Lab Kit", you will receive a kit containing all the necessary blood collection tubes, instructions and pre-paid shipping labels. It will be necessary for you to find a local doctors office, hospital, or local clinic to draw and process your blood. A local draw fee may be incurred.