Why Can't I Lose Weight? 12 Reasons Diet & Exercise Aren't Cutting It

Does it sometimes seem like a healthy weight is an impossible goal, even though you’re a regular at the fitness studio and you eat salad on the daily? It's true that healthy weight management largely depends on "calories in versus calories out." However, there are other factors at play that might affect this dynamic, such as hormones, metabolism and genetics. Fortunately, there are ways to find out if something in your body is working against you and holding you back from success on the scale.


Chickpea Curry: Healthy and Delicious Indian Cuisine

Discover the delightful flavors and remarkable health benefits of chickpeas in this easy coconut chickpea curry recipe, a healthy and delicious Indian-inspired dish with the benefits of turmeric’s curcumin and the creaminess of coconut milk.

Carrot Ginger Soup: A Taste of Fall

Nothing highlights fall flavors like comforting soups and purees made with brightly colored vegetables. This carrot ginger soup recipe helps lift your body and spirit with the sweet taste of vitamin A-rich carrots, the warming kick of immune-supporting ginger and the smooth creaminess of coconut milk.

Mason Jar Salads: 7 Healthy Recipes

Are soggy salads ruining your lunch break? Try storing your salad in a Mason jar for a healthy pre-made lunch that looks as good as it tastes! We’ve got some recipes to help you get started.

Healthy Living

Free Testosterone: What Is It?

Is there a difference between free testosterone and total testosterone? Yes! Here’s the lowdown on this essential sex hormone and what to do if your levels are low.

Self Care

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Olive Oil Coffee Recipe

Starbucks® is serving up a new coffee trend that’s raising eyebrows—because extra-virgin olive oil is the star ingredient! But does EVOO in your morning java actually taste good? Plus, is it healthy? On this episode of LE Live, Life Extension’s own Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Crystal Gossard spill the (coffee) beans on whether this new caffeinated concoction is a pick-me-up…or something you should pass on. Plus, they’ll demo a copycat recipe you can make at home. ☕⁠

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