Hot Yoga: Why You Should Turn Up the Heat

If doing the downward dog in 95-degree heat to add a little sweat to your yoga postures has you intrigued—but perhaps a bit uncertain—you certainly aren't alone. Hot yoga is a new take on an ancient practice that offers tremendous benefits for mind and body alike. And while it might sound intense and even a little intimidating, you don’t need to be an experienced yogi to sweat your way through these stretch sessions. Still not sure whether you should give hot yoga a try? Here are 10 reasons to turn up the heat!


Green Goddess Salad: Healthy, Easy, and Delicious

This savory green goddess dressing recipe takes diced greens to a new level with healthy and delicious fats like avocado, extra virgin olive oil and more.

Homemade Olive Oil Coffee Recipe: Is It Healthy?

Olive oil in your coffee? Starbucks drinkers say yes! But is it good for you? Made from antioxidant-rich coffee beans and a polyphenol-packed type of EVOO, our copycat olive oil cold brew recipe packs in maximum health benefits—from the comfort of home. By Megan Ratigan

Vegan Pesto: A Delicious Recipe Without Dairy

Hold the cheese! This easy-to-make vegan pesto recipe swaps nutritional yeast for parmesan in a look-alike sauce that looks and tastes like the real thing!

Healthy Living

What is My Biological Age?

Want to know how old you really are? Testing your biological age might be a good idea. Learn how lab tests that look at your cellular health offer insight into your true age—no birthday candles required.

Self Care

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