15 Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

Many of us equate protein with steak and eggs, but what if animal products aren't on your menu? Can you get enough protein from plant sources? Sure, you can! Plant-based sources of protein are plentiful, but getting them onto your table takes a little menu planning and thoughtful snacking. (Let's hear it for nuts and protein bars!) From black beans to nutritional yeast, our list of 15 tasty plant-based protein sources will help you hit your desired protein levels, feel satiated and maintain muscle mass.


Adaptogens and Nootropics: What's the Difference?

Nootropics and adaptogens are getting a lot of hype—and for good reason! These supplements promote optimal focus and help you manage stress. But is there a clear difference between the two? And when should you take them? Read on to find out more about the differences between adaptogens and nootropics.

The Best Citrus Salad Recipe: A Taste of Spring

Colorful and refreshing citrus fruits take center stage in this crowd-pleasing citrus salad recipe that helps to brighten your table no matter what the season.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Ready to sink your teeth into a healthy and delicious dessert? These chocolate covered strawberries deliver plenty of healthy antioxidant polyphenols and vitamins in an elegant and tasty treat.

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13 Couples Yoga Poses for Your Mind, Body and Relationship

Ready to connect to your partner, body and mind? Couples yoga pairs partners in mirror or complementary poses to build trust, communication—and a really great core!

Self Care

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What's Missing From Your Breakfast?

We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us are not taking advantage of this meal. You can benefit all day by adding the right amounts of protein to your breakfast. Dr. Mike and Dr. Crystal share how to make breakfast work for you!

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