Libido Supplements for Men: Can They Support Sexual Health?

If you’re not sure Valentine’s Day romance is in the cards this year, it might be worth taking a look at men’s libido supplements. Not only can these intimacy helpers support a youthful sex drive and testosterone levels, but they can also give a man’s confidence a boost, improve his quality of life and deepen intimate relationships. Not sure where to start? From black ginger to saw palmetto, these 12 supplements can really spice things up!


Stuffed Avocado: A Delicious Low-Carb Lunch

The only thing better than a creamy avocado is an avocado stuffed with your favorite filling! Add a scoop of chicken salad or chickpea stuffing—and the best lunch of your life is served.

Lip Sugar Scrub Recipe: A Homemade Treat for Your Beauty Routine

Tell dry lips to kiss off with these three tasty sugar scrub recipes, which can be used to exfoliate your lips—or, in larger batches, the rest of your skin!

10 Best Herbs for Energy: How to Fight General Fatigue

Feeling a bit drained? Instead of topping off your coffee mug (yet again), give these 10 herbs a try for caffeine-free, all day energy, balance and stress management.

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Woman riding indoor bike to maintain gym motivation

Workout Motivation: 13 Ways to Pump Yourself Up!

You know you’re supposed to exercise—your health, physical, mental and emotional—depend upon it. But what if you’re not in the mood? Not to worry—these 13 motivational hacks will have you back at the gym with gusto!

Self Care

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Going Gray? Science Says You Don't Have To

Should you embrace your gray hair or color it?

Gray hair is a visible reminder that we are getting older. Wondering if there’s something you can do about it? On this live, Drs. Mike and Crystal will discuss what causes gray hair and how to stop it.

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