Best and Worst States for Holiday Health

‘Tis the season for family, festivities and food…and for much of the U.S., it’s also a time when people tend to fall off the wagon when it comes to their health goals. But people in some states do a better job than others when it comes keeping up with their exercise, diet and other lifestyle choices. Wondering where your state stacks up? You might be surprised by the results of a new Life Extension ranking of all 50 states according to their health behaviors during this most wonderful time of year.


Pork Chops with Spiced Apple Puree: Holiday Recipe

Thick-cut pork chops are the key to this delicious traditional holiday dish, which pairs pork with a puree from freshly sliced apples.

20 Common Nuts You Should Know About

You’ve probably enjoyed walnuts and almonds, but what about pili nuts, tiger nuts and kona? Check out this list of 20 nuts and learn why they’re a favorite among dietitians.

Maple Pecan Cookies: Healthy Home-Baked Treat

Maple pecan is the most underrated of fall flavors! Don’t believe us? Try this healthy, vegan take on the traditional pecan sandie cookie and see (and taste) for yourself!

Healthy Living

Tomatoes and other vegetables high in lectin have been blamed for inflammation

Are Lectins Bad for You? Food Guide

What are lectins and do they deserve their bad rap? Registered dietitian and nutritionist Mia Syn Cook explains how these “antinutrients” work and how cooking methods can help.

Self Care

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Going Gray? Science Says You Don't Have To

Should you embrace your gray hair or color it?

Gray hair is a visible reminder that we are getting older. Wondering if there’s something you can do about it? On this live, Drs. Mike and Crystal will discuss what causes gray hair and how to stop it.

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