Working Out Too Much? 15 Recovery Tips

"Better sore than sorry" is advice you'll get from the hard-core set—but this time of year in particular, many of us take it a bit too literally. If you've been hitting the gym and feel like it's hitting you right back, it might be time to add some recovery strategies to your wellness routine. Here's how to know if, indeed, you're overdoing it—and expert advice on how to feel better and refreshed...so you're ready to tackle tomorrow's workout with gusto!


10 Best Herbs for Energy: How to Fight General Fatigue

Feeling a bit drained? Instead of topping off your coffee mug (yet again), give these 10 herbs a try for caffeine-free, all day energy, balance and stress management.

Baked Oatmeal: A Hearty, High-Protein Recipe

Eating baked oatmeal every day instead of an apple a day? That might not be how the popular adage goes, but maybe it should—because zinc and beta-glucans make oats a powerful immune health supporter.

Elderberry Syrup: 5 Ways to Use It

Get a sweet shot of immune-supporting nutrition from this homemade elderberry syrup recipe, which combines elderberries and honey with ginger and cinnamon for a tasty, beneficial treat.

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Muscle recovery is important after any workout

How to Recover Your Muscles Like an Athlete

Better sore than sorry? Not always. As any athlete knows, whether you’re pumping iron in the gym or doing resistance training at home, rest is an essential part of building and maintaining strength. Here are 8 tips to recover those muscles like an athlete.

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